Panasonic 4K TV, tablet and Blu-ray with Ultra HD quality

The resolution 4K or Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) is not a matter for the TVs. Even despite its novelty, it is spreading to other consumer products. Proof of this is the catalog of Panasonic. Next to TV Panasonic Smart Viera TX-65WT600 with a screen diagonal of 65 inches include the Blu-ray Panasonic BDT330, able to resize a video to 4K. And under the heading of professional tablets is the Panasonic Toughpad 4K UT-MB5, with a diagonal of 20 inches.

4K means the Quad Full HD resolution, i.e., 3,840 by 2,160 pixels versus 1,920 by 1,080 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The amount of information you can see on the 4K screens can perceive details in images that until now was not possible.

It is a flat design with a futuristic superestrecho framework. The base, like the frame, is made of metal. Panel LCD with a diagonal of 65 inches is backlit by LEDs with advanced local control. The Smart Viera TX-65WT600 can display images in ultra high definition at 60 or 50 fps (frames per second). It offers a resolution of 3,820 by 2,160 pixels (2.160p) in a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is equipped with a powerful engine Hexa-4K Image Processing. It includes various imaging technologies as the filter Clear Panel Pro and Infinite Contrast enhancer told. To increase the flow of fast moving images incorporates a technology that operates at 120 fps, called Intelligent Frame Creation 4K. Among the available picture modes that the user can choose one figure certified THX 4K, to see movies like a good movie theater.

You can display three-dimensional stereoscopic images with the system 3D active, there are two 3D glasses included in the price. It also has a 2D to 3D converter video. It incorporates three pairs of TV tuners: two for HD DTT, satellite and two for the other two to the cable. That way, it will be possible to record a TV program while watching another. And it can record via USB, if you connect to the TV external hard drive, for example. One of the strengths of this TV is the 4K playback of content (videos and photos) both USB and from the memory card reader SD and SDXC integrated.

Panasonic 4K TV

Panasonic engineers have not neglected the sound of this great diagonal 4K TV. Therefore, two speakers and a subwoofer were installed in the thin shell, only 5.6 centimeters deep. So, you can offer 2.1-channel surround sound with a total output power of 18 watts. Within the connectivity, its three HDMI 2.0 inputs (newer version), which is also compatible with DisplayPort 1.2a. It’s a connected TV smart with HTML 5.0 web browser preinstalled. You can access the Internet and home network via Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The retail price of the Panasonic Viera TX-65WT600 Smart is 6,000 euros.

For now, there is still little content available in ultra high definition. Hence it is not bad to have come home a team like this Blu-ray, which can rescale video up to 4K from lower-quality sources. It has two digital video outputs HDMI and digital optical audio output. You can become the ideal partner for a brand new Ultra HD TV. The BDT330 is a reader able to connect to the Internet and Home Networking Ethernet and Wi-Fi. That lets you surf the web and access online services Viera Connect platform. The Wi-Fi is compatible with Miracast, so the user will be able to see on the TV the same content and applications displayed on a smartphone or tablet with the same technology.

The optical drive not only supports Blu-ray commercial discs but also Blu-ray 3D with full HD resolution for each eye. It also includes a video converter 2D to 3D, something useful for consumers who have a 3D TV in the lounge. See also BD recordable and rewritable discs, CD player and other (including recordable and rewritable forms). Playback options do not end there. Also you can play movies, music and photos by USB 2.0 from an external hard drive or memory key. To this is added a slot for memory cards SD, SDHC and SDXC. The Panasonic BDT330 costs 240 euros.

This tablet does not fit into any backpack, but measures just over an inch thick. The fault lies with its wide LCD display with LED backlight with IPS technology manufacturer. The diagonal reaches 20 inches, which translates into 50.8 inches, for an aspect ratio of 15:10. It is quite light and offers a resolution of 3,820 by 2,560 pixels, equivalent to a density of 230 dpi (dots per inch). It is intended to show designs and sketches on A3 size with great detail. The front camera can record video at a resolution 1280 by 720 pixels at 30 fps (frames per second).

It is a capacitive touch screen touches sensitive with ten fingers at the same time. Nor hurts gain electronic stylus that the manufacturer sells as an optional accessory. It is the Panasonic UT-VNP5000 that lets you draw freehand and write manuscripts in a very natural way, with a very similar to working on a paper feel. The pen communicates with the tablet via Bluetooth. Detects noted 2,048 different pressure levels, which is useful for achieving full detail drawings. You can recognize each pixel of the screen using infrared signals. The pen weighs 35 grams and its battery lasts about six hours and is recharged by USB.


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