Oppo offers a most appropriate phone for all audiences with the latest technology

My experience with Oppo is positive; I was able to coexist with N1. I found that the levels of quality and technology were first used, and therefore, I quickly shook my head the idea of affordable Chinese phone, in fact, their products are not particularly cheap. The main fault of this product was to want to innovate and play with a size too big, but that was an answer: Oppo has a family of terminals called Find, which can be considered as more interesting for all ages, within it is our protagonist.

With the Find 5 premiered, and showed us that they could make a phone as good as the best of the competition, and now extend a promising Oppo Find 7th – the star of our analysis – and the near Find 7 with the specifications we might consider as the new generation.

In Europe or the U.S., the product is well regarded among connoisseurs, but can not see it as a selling, or known by most potential buyers. The reason, there is no advertising in mainstream media, and not in stores. And therein lies one of its peculiarities: only be sold through their online store. Before beginning the analysis, I advance that this is a high end phone, that regardless of taste, we have nothing to envy to the best of the competition: LTE connectivity, a remarkable camera, screen made with the latest technology and most decent that delivers Qualcomm hardware.

In contrast to the N1, and following the steps of the Find 5, the new phone is not loud or flashy; I’d say the opposite, very simple in its lines. One detail to note is the blue LED notifications – Notification Skyline – that have implemented across the bottom, making a curve. Note where the hand of Oppo is in materials and construction quality, very high in both aspects. Yes, it is made of plastic, but good presence and touch, and all the elements marry without error. Have more merit if this is a phone back cover that we can take from there we access removable battery, microSD or SIM.

I really do not like very large phone, and when I met his 5.5 inches I started to analyze it without prejudice, considering the general taste of the public is going to find. After a week of use I can say that it is not as great as it might seem, is comfortable in the hand. Despite its very square and angular look, for management support that the edges have been rounded and back. What is difficult to solve is the fact reach the entire screen with one hand, such phones are designed for use with both. We thank the off button is on the side, but it is unnecessary to have a system wake / sleep based on double tap.

Oppo 1

The left and right frames are very small, not so much at the bottom, but there you have three navigation buttons – Capacitance – barely noticeable, and although it’s hard not to hit with his position would not have been wrong more brightness. Weight is not the best section of the Find the 7th with 170 grams, similar to a Galaxy Note 3, but with a smaller screen. If we go to a metal as the HTC One competitor M8, Oppo model is 10 grams heavier, but considerably larger. The full dimensions are 152.6 x 75 x 9.2 mm.

The phone is available in two colors, white or black, and in the case of the higher, Find 7 – not a surname – there is also a finished in carbon fiber (the covers are interchangeable, they are available). We have white, as you can see, and has a dotted texture that makes it back to my opinion more attractive than the black, where the finish is smooth. We ended paragraph valuing super sale package proposes Oppo, in line with the latest premium models, the phone comes in a nice box with all items placed in compartments.

Come to one of the most controversial sections of the team, and that is that size does not finish like everyone. The 5.5 inches condition a big phone, however it is achieved. We are therefore faced with a phablet, or a very large smartphone, which is already difficult to go with this marking border designation. If the size is not a problem for you, we go forward. The phone features a display put together by the people of Japan Display, and offer between what can be considered as a panel 2.0, with the latest technology: slimmer IPS, Full HD, TOL (Touch On Lens, fewer layers, ), and the array of pixels is RGB.

It is especially sensitive to our touch and can be used with gloves – detachable, consume energy-, and has Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Speaking of layers on the screen, there is a protective film that seems to be part of the whole, but can – invite – Remove. I think with the Full HD panel on the 7th model will more than happy, is what you have mounted all strong competitors – Sony, HTC, Samsung – and it is what is best optimized with the current hardware. Without going into too much detail on the top model, I remind you that the Oppo Find 7 having to come in the summer, I will QHD resolution on its screen, also with 5.5 inches on the diagonal.

The viewing angles are excellent, something expected in a panel IPS quality. The other parameters are the best, as the reproduction of color or contrast, with very realistic black tones. Overall we left satisfied, although some may notice something cold factory colors. The only section that fails to convince us is the outdoor viewing – and that getting superior brightness to 450 nits – which is worse if the sun is strong and we continue to put the protective sheet (also complicates cleaning).

Before going into details, I would like to indicate that we are with Jelly Bean, and I’m sure the phone will improve in every way when upgrading to KitKat, something I’m sure will happen soon. Also it is expected to be a CyanogenMod version for its phone, that many people will like it for its lightness and optimization possibilities. Still, flying daily tasks like surfing, or move between applications and the desktop, there is no problem when we come to play demanding titles, or record video in 4K format. Android hardware and Qualcomm have shown many times that are well optimized, and color is not a heavy OS customization.


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