Oops! Tim ‘kitchen’ the last Apple bug: an iMac running with Windows?

A photo has not done a lot more, to unleash a storm on social networks and instigate even more, the blame game between Apple and Microsoft lovers. The mess was assembled last day 6, when Tim Cook introduced the modern production of the firm in Austin, in the state of Texas. Now, the classic magazine troops for showcasing the productive power of the apple, especially for the assembly line Mac Pro, one of the computers that have submitted transgressors Cupertino know.

The CEO of the firm randomly paced production lines when he stopped to look closely at the work of an operator. A moment star than the team that manages the social networks of the Directors did not escape: click and photo to Twitter. There was no danger of any kind. Or so it seemed. Seconds for missing a thermonuclear storm, they unleashed on the social network. The retweets and responses multiplied out of control and the social media team soon saw the reason for the mess: the iMac that was used in control processes had not OS X, the platform of the house, but Windows as exhibited with impunity operating system .

Minor and unimportant information?

That apple computers running Windows is not new, and in fact there are several solutions that allow it to perfection. The blood of Alabama made stating a final fact on both platforms: OS X users updated in a much more homogeneous than those of Windows and Microsoft seem that fails to consolidate a version of its platform in a stable manner, and especially convincing.

The Redmond giant has a serious problem with the fragmentation of the platform and user resistance to abandon versions with a length which already produces flushing, as if still XP still has a strong user base despite the hammering inflicted from the headquarters of Microsoft.

The condemned refuses to die and its users are almost mutinous. Cook knows it and Apple has a special craft when it comes to poking its perennial rival in the eye: the graph showing the last keynote was insulting and was displayed with this condescending disdain that lights up in flames a few and others sports. The likes and dislikes to the surface in a fed equally by both brands strategy: no longer about getting customers, but fellow, junkies of irrefutable dogma of “mine is better” which unwittingly make game its alleged enemy.


A reality that bothers Apple

Nothing makes Apple happier than an attack on their brand or their users because radicalized positions and this movement unequivocally translates into sales. For this reason the photo of Cook had a special curiosity. It was too late to remove it and over half a million followers did the rest sharing a moment, by the way, reflects a reality that is itself bothers Apple. The ‘ratio’ is making Mavericks insultingly high when compared with the latest versions of Windows.

Tim Cook is right and data without indisputable: the ratio of adoption of Mavericks is wicked high when compared with the latest versions Windows, but if we abstract some of the passion that brands benefit, there is a fine line analysis addresses openly Preston Gralla at Computerworld : Windows 8 is present on 220 million computers, while scarcely Mavericks 40 million.

The finding of this information faithfully represents the talent of Apple when it comes to handling the image and how has won the battle in this field: counting Mavericks with just the fifth part of the base installed on Windows 8, allowed luxury fool as if it were an operating system in its death throes. There are other still more revealing information that minimizes the true live of the Cupertino: Windows 8 is a version of payment and Mavericks a free upgrade, so one would expect that the adoption of Windows 8 would be substantially higher if it free, although here we enter the realm of speculation.

Gralla closes the article with what looks like a really quite blunt: Windows has 91% of market share while OS X is just over 4%, as measured by Net Applications , but this plot seems really friendly fire since which clearly demonstrates the great fragmentation seems to know no end in Windows.

An iMac with Windows? And why not?

So, the picture has its measles especially when you consider that Apple tends not to make such mistakes often. We can not say the same for Microsoft, which seems determined to follow suit showing its rivals a sometimes awkwardly, as if this rough sticker over the Apple logo which served as ammunition for apple devotees.

The famous photo of Tim Cook in the background shows a reality that neither Microsoft nor Apple want to admit: computer users freely choose the hardware and the platform that suits them or want without worrying too much to cover with stickers or logos disqualify who opt for different solutions. An iMac with Windows? And why not? What’s wrong with having an Apple laptop, a desktop with Windows and Android mobile?


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