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The “online only” newspaper or magazine is “News Report”, an online newspaper created by Bruce Parrello in 1974 on the Plato system at the University of Illinois. Beginning in 1987, the Brazilian newspaper Jornaldodia ran on the state owned Embratel network. By the late 1990s, hundreds of U.S. newspapers were publishing online versions, but did not yet offer much interactivity. One example is Britain’s which provided a weekly news summary online beginning in 1998.

News Paper Printing

We know very well about the hard copy and also using a lot in every moment but we need to know soft copy which is come from technology.

A soft copy is the unprinted digital document file. This term is often contrasted with hard copy it can usually be viewed through an appropriate editing program, such as word processing programs, database programs, or presentation software depending on the file type.

It can be transported from one computer to another through file transfer/downloading mechanisms such as FTP or HTTP as an email attachment, or through USB drive and other disk driver. Keeping a digital copy of a document can allow easy editing of it later on. See hard copy for information about printed documents.

Using soft copies of work over traditional printed documents eliminates the need for paper and ink. Multiple copies of the same document can be kept in different versions, allowing the user to easily backtrack to an earlier version. Also, soft copies are more easily manipulated by users than hard copies which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

News Paper is in Hand

You’re probably thinking, “What’s the big deal? My office doesn’t spend much on paper.” But what most people don’t realize is that the cost of buying paper is just the tip of the paper iceberg. For each sheet of paper used, a company incurs not only purchasing costs, but also storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal, and recycling—and it adds up. A recent Minnesota study estimates that associated paper costs could be as much as 31 times the purchasing costs (not including labor). So, that ream of paper that you paid $5 for really could cost up to $155!

  • Citigroup, a large financial services company, determined that if each employee used double-sided copying to conserve just one sheet of paper each week, the firm would save $700,000 each year.
  • Bank of America cut its paper consumption by 25% in two years by increasing the use of on-line forms and reports, e-mail, double-sided copying, and lighter-weight paper.

Paper is an office necessity for some essential tasks, but it has an environmental cost. Creating paper from trees requires a lot of natural resources: trees, water, and energy.

  • It takes more than 1½ cups of water to make one sheet of paper. (Picture a typical soda can.)
  • Over 40% of wood pulp goes toward the production of paper.
  • Reducing paper use reduces greenhouse gases: 40 reams of paper is like 1.5 acres of pine forest absorbing carbon for a year.
  • Even with recycling efforts, paper makes up over 25% of Minnesota’s garbage—we’re throwing away a lot of resources

Paperwork! It brings to mind filling out unnecessarily complicated forms. Electronic forms can now make that job easier and more efficient. Businesses that have converted to electronic forms and filing systems have found that it takes less time to both find and process information. This doesn’t mean that electronic forms should replace all paper. In some instances, paper will be the best tool, but most businesses find that reducing their paper use increases their efficiency. Whenever we have fewer sheets of paper in our homes and offices, we spend less time looking for those that are misplaced or lost.

When soft copies are kept on storage devices, they conserve office space. Softcopy documents are more portable compared to hardcopy because it is not bulky like hard copy.

The Bangladesh is being very popular in the internet since 2000.The peoples mostly students are involved very much in the internet and doing many things over the internet. They are reading news paper over the internet and it is increasing day by day. The peoples can read much news paper in the internet and they can see the latest news from time to time. it is very important for Bangladesh to reduce the hard copy of news paper cause Bangladesh is poor country but they are importing billions of tons papers from overseas for publish newspaper. This is the reason for the high price of news paper and it is being higher day by day. The government is also giving good support for not taking much tax from the news paper importers.

There are so many books and magazine is publishing for reading all over Bangladesh. It’s costing lot money to make a book or magazine. But this is also very good news that peoples who are studying in the university or private university are using soft copy rather than hard copy. We also can see in the office or business now days. They just carry the device and can see the copy easy in the computer or laptop. The peoples are also using Tab or even using high technology mobile like galaxy or iphone for the soft copy. They are saving a lot of money not only him self also save for the country as well.

NEWS-on-screenThis is very comfortable to carry the device which can save it as long as want for them. But the hard copy which is need very strong protection to save that and it’s not comfortable too. The students are doing full assignments in the soft copy that also can do many things like edit or design for fulfill their demand which is look very pretty. The best things are that they easy can transfer soft copy to their teacher or lecturer or even to their friends or someone anytime from their computer.

The office or business doing the same things. The peoples are doing presentation with the soft copy and can transfer as many as want but it would have very costly for the hard copy and would not be even possible like soft copy. The western country or Europe or even asia is very popular for technology. They always look forward to use the technology for saving money and time. The Bangladesh is well behind for that but its developing day by day.

The Bangladesh government should take more attempts to reduce the hard copy and save millions dollar from exporter. This is the time come now to attention for that. this is true that a technology need cost too because we need to purchase computer,laptop or Tab  and that is costly from the beginning but if we see for the long run and use then it is reduce the cost and save a lot of time and money. The technology is the bless of god and the western countries or even Asian are using the technology  properly for reduce the cost.

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