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Online electric vehicle is an electric vehicle which is using electromagnetic induction .The Korea Advanced Institute of Technology has launched a public transport system which is using a recharging road. The power electric strips has been buried under 30 cm deep under the road area and connected to the national grid. The vehicle collect power from non magnetic induction which is use either vehicle mover or battery charging. The demonstration system is hauling three passenger’s car with an electric tractor

Since July 2013 the world’s first electric bus claims by Gumi which was developed by KAIST. In 1990 electricity was wirelessly fed into the bus from the trucks. The Korean system develops the technology which was pioneered in California but that was over come several problems including the user of shielding from the effect of electro magnetic radiation. the similar system the tramcars was patented by Nikola Telsa US but was not develop in that time.

The bus receive 20 kHz and also 100 kW which is 136 horsepower electricity 85 percent maximum power transmission while operating a 17 cm air gap between the vehicle underbody and road surface area.OLEV which is technology that receive power wirelessly through the application of Shaped Magnetic Field in technology.

SMFIR is a new technology which transfers the electricity wirelessly from the road surface to electric vehicle while moving. The power comes from the under the road surface which creating magnetic field. There is also device which receives the power from the road surface .the power strips length which installed is normally 5-15 percent of the entire road and also require only a few section of the road which will be rebuilt with the embedded cables.

The road has well function too and its explain nicely OLEV buses from normal cars. the power control from the segment technology by swithing on the power strips when the OLEV buses go on but the researcher said that switching it off others vehicle .This is definitely a crucial point for OLEV to become a commercialized and accepted in our daily living for transportation, Dong Ho Cho a professor of the electric engineering who’s said .

The online electric vehicle is a groundbreaking technology which accelerates the development of purely electric vehicle like as viable option for future transport system of their vehicles or public transport. this technology solving the issues of commercialized electric vehicle such as price ,weight, volume driving distance and lack of charging infrastructure.OLEV is a small battery which is one –third of the size of the battery that are equipped with regular electric car.

Its complied with the international electromagnetic fields that standards of 62.5 mG.It are margin of safety level of human health. The road has smart function to differ OLEV buses from regular cars. The SMIFIR technology supplies 60 kHz and 180 kW power remotely to transport vehicles at stable now a days.  /a professor said that online electro vehicles project and all this service offering public transport for passenger. GumiCity plans to provide 10 more such buses by the end of this year 2015 after successful for this operation.

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The 12 km route is the first in the world which is informed from the developer. The vehicle with compatible equipment does not need to stop to recharge. there are only two public buses are using this technology and there are plans to get more ten vehicles by 2015.however other transport expert warned that the costs is less by installing the equipment that other schemes using overhead cables. This is very clear that it is very useful and potential for public transport application but the cost of fitting all roads with such system is completely prohibitive for the private electric vehicle said Dr Paul Nieuwenhuis from the Cardiff University at the center of Automotive Industry Research.

The Korea project runs from the train station in Gumi town which is in the south of the country. the don’t need to stock up on energy making their travel, the battery involved can be three times smaller than others normal way. This reduces the weigh of the vehicles which help reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when operating the power need.

The battery which is in the vehicles is three times smaller than a normal vehicle. They don’t need stock energy for the travel. The weight of the vehicles helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when generating the power required. There are other charging projects somewhere although the online electric vehicles project is the first working scheme to power vehicles on the move.

The Netherland, Torino and Utrecht have also fitted charging equipment which is fitted equipment to allow the vehicles to top up power when driver take their short breaks. Arup and Mitsui have set up a joint venture to roll out a similar scheme in Milton Keynes. Utah State is also testing a prototype campus bus  and its can achieve 90% power transmission with a distance 15cm between the pickup coil and road surface at stops. Although the OLEV project is the first working scheme to power vehicles on the move, there are other inductive charging projects elsewhere.

The vehicles are taking wireless charging equipment in some bus stops and that take the vehicles to top up the stock power while even drivers take the break We can see in the city of Torino, Italy and  Netherlands that the vehicles are driving in that way.  Engineering firms Arup and Mitsui have set up a joint venture to roll out a similar scheme in Milton Keynes this autumn.

Utah State University is also testing a prototype campus bus which it says can achieve greater than 90% power transmission efficiency with a distance of 6in (15cm) between the pick-up coil and road surface at certain stops.

A UtahStateUniversity spin-off company is testing a wireless charged bus on its campus

The managing director of the Intelligence Automotive Asia consultancy has said that I think we are decades away from even thinking about a nationwide network of electric fields road one expert said that it was likely to be long time before the design of South Korea ambitions.


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