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Finding the right doctor and getting an appointment have always been a challenge for majority of the people in Bangladesh. Even if you knew the hospital you wanted to get an appointment from, you get stuck with their constantly busy phone. And, when you are through you are at the mercy of your fate for the date and time of your appointment. No matter how urgent your need is to see the doctor. These had been the common scenarios until came up with a great initiative making appointments real easy. offers a huge directory listing thousands of doctors based on location and specialty. Not only information, the service allows real time appointment booking through their website and call center. Appointments can be sought from hundreds of hospitals through So, getting to your preferred doctor is now just a click or phone call away. Appointments from thousands of registered doctors countrywide can be booked by visiting or by calling to the call center at 09 606 707 808 any day from 8am to 10pm.

During a recent conversation, the Chief Executive of mentioned that their surveys strongly revealed that most of the people looking for consultation commonly struggle to find an appropriate doctor and keep on asking their relatives and friends for a references. Unfortunately, most of those people who refer only know about a handful of popular doctor names in big cities. And, this results in long serials for appointments to those popular doctors. Many a times one even has to wait a full month. Due to this long wait many patients continue suffering and their conditions worsen. But, the irony is that there are lot many experienced fantastic doctors available countrywide who just did not get too popular. actually breaks this viscous circle by making available up to date information and facilities for real time appointments from doctors all over the country.

With patients can book an appointment themselves and with great convenience sitting at their home. There is no more long wait and no more struggling finding a doctor. Seeing the wide acceptance among people already, it is expected that the service will soon become very popular nationwide. And, undoubtedly will benefit the common people of Bangladesh a lot.

Step by step how to make a successful appointment with – Infographic 

Doctorola Infographic


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