One of the cheapest but the most brilliant smart phone Nokia Asha 503

Not just living high ranges manufacturers mobile, and speaking of Nokia, this has even more validity. The Finnish company has taught their latest phones this morning, where they have shone the new tablet phone of the Lumia range and its tablet. But the economy range, Asha, has also had its share of the limelight. Asha has also had its share of limelight. The Nokia Asha 503 is the top model in this segment, and it’s a smartphone with all the letters. With a touch screen three inches, 3G connection and a 5 megapixel camera, the Asha 503 is not the most advanced smartphone on the market, but it sure is one of the cheapest. Nokia continues to have in mind to the emerging countries, as well as the users of basic phones, they want the largest amount of benefits at very low prices.

Here we review thoroughly all the features of Nokia Asha 503

Design and Display

The LCD screen has a diagonal of three inches in length. There was a screen size a few years ago was considered normal or even larger. However, today it is one of the smallest smartphones on the market. It has a resolution QVGA (320 x 240 pixels). It is also very far from the main market in this respect, although the screen size we are talking about can not say it enough. If we measure the resolution in relative terms (pixels per inch) obtain a value of 134 ppi. Nor is a spectacular figure, but is very much in line input models found in the market.

Nokia has opted for this model 4:3 aspect ratio. This format is more convenient to browse the Internet, but less convenient if we want to see videos. Given the nature of this terminal, there seems to be oriented precisely to the latter function, so small screen and fairness of the resolution, so the 4:3 ratio seems more convenient than 16:9 found in larger screen models. So if the Finns have included a screen Gorilla Glass 2 protects to some extent by impact bumps and scratches.

Terminal design is quite casual and colorful, very much in the Lumia range, their “brothers”. The model will be available in six colors (white, black, red, yellow, green and blue) and features a clear protective sleeve that wraps around the whole.



Despite being in the lower range of Nokia, the camera meets quite well. And photography is one of the most important points for Espoo, never neglected this aspect in their terminals. In the back we find a 5 megapixel camera with quite acceptable values. However, there is no camera has been included in the front of the phone.

The camera has a fixed focus system allows optical zoom up to three increases. If the light is not sufficient, has an LED flash that can also operate automatically. It is possible to enable some automatic picture modes such as landscape or portrait for the camera settings to suit the kind of picture you’re going to do. Likewise, also work different color modes like black and white, sepia, grayscale or negative.

Operating System and Applications

For Asha range, Nokia has a proprietary operating system called Nokia Asha 1.2. It is a simple ecosystem, much like the Windows Phone 8 found in the top of the range models Lumia, but adapted to run on phones smaller and less potency. It can download many of the most important applications are in the markets of larger applications. Thus, we find as Facebook apps, Whatsapp, Line or Linkedin.

Among the most important proprietary applications including finding the Finnish brand  Nokia Xpress, a browser designed to consume less data, and functionality of FM Radio, something simple that is missing in too mobile phones today.


This is the most important point of this phone, which differentiates it from other Asha presented today. Unlike its younger siblings, you can connect to 3G networks, which today are used by the majority of smartphones. In this way, you can browse pages at an acceptable speed even if we are networked home WiFi. In fact, it supports HSDPA, also called 3.5G or 3G +, faster than traditional 3G.

With these connections, the Nokia Asha 503 can be considered a full-fledged smartphone. And this range of phones had not highlighted so far by the Internet functions. Also, do not forget some of the other connections that give more play to a mobile.

On the one hand we find the antenna GPS. Thus, the phone can access a multitude of functions. We can use the phone as a browser when we go walking or by car. In addition, we can play a multitude of applications that allow geotag photos, send our location or point where our favorite places on a map. It has also bluetooth 3.0. This technology allows you to send data to other devices or use wireless accessories like headsets or hands-free.

As physical connections we find a microUSB port for charging the battery or share data. This port has become a standard in mobile today, as virtually all smartphones use it. Thus, we can find many accessories that work with it or swap chargers with other devices. Another physical connection is slot Micro SD cards. It supports drives up to 32 GB capacity.

Autonomy and price

In this section we find the best and worst of this model. The best is definitely the price, amounting to $ 100 (about 75 euros). It is a very low price for a smartphone. The features of Nokia Asha 503 are not spectacular, but it can fulfill its function well if the user is not too interested in having the latest model in the market. In addition, for many consumers the size of these models is excessive, so a three-inch phone can fit well with your expectations.

The worst is definitely autonomy. The 1,010 mAh battery does not seem enough to power a phone with WiFi networks, 3G and 3-inch capacitive screen. Indeed, the same data autonomy provided Nokia is not very encouraging in this regard. Ensure that holds about 4.5 hours of 3G browsing and 12 when we do the (very) slow connection speed offered by 2G. These figures are very low, even compared to the lower range phones from other manufacturers.


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