A notebook with a versatile design

The Lenovo Flex 14 is a new proposal to the Chinese company Lenovo. It allows the display to be folded 300 degrees and place it in a fixed position, ideal for viewing content such as movies and videos and use the touch apps for Windows 8. This laptop features a touch screen of 14 inches and with a thin compact design and 2.1 inches thick and weighing 2 kilos. These figures make it quite manageable for users that want to transport it often and use it in other transport equipment. In addition, one of the highlights of Lenovo Flex 14 is a maximum range of up to nine hours of use. All this makes for a very interesting proposal for Christmas. We tell you all the details of Flex in this analysis thoroughly.

One of the most interesting aspects of Lenovo Flex 14 is its design, which breaks with the idea of finding an original design to look for high-end devices. The Flex 14 includes a display capable of folding up to 300 degrees to be placed in the “medium” mode, a position that serves to display multimedia content team more comfortably. Of course, some users will miss you can rotate the entire panel for use in tablet format.

A differential touch this laptop is found in the orange strip that sits on the side of the laptop, and inspired by the color of the Lenovo Yoga 13 (the team that allowed the Chinese brand completely rotates the screen). The dimensions of the Lenovo Flex 14 are 33.6 x 24.1 x 2.1 inches and weight of the 2 kilos, a figure slightly higher than what we see in the next generation ultrabooks but still quite manageable for a notebook of this size.

As for the screen, and Lenovo l Flex 14 panel sports a 14-inch LCD with a standard resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels and up to five points of simultaneous pressure, designed to make the most tactile platform capabilities Windows 8.

The standard memory configuration Lenovo Flex 14 is 500 GB hard drive format with speed of 5,400 revolutions per minute. Nevertheless, for those users wanting a faster boot and access data on the disk Lenovo also provides memory configurations up to 256 GB SSD, although the first version that is already marketed in shops opt for hard drive configuration.


As for power, the standard equipment includes a processor Intel Pentium 3556U with two cores and a power of 1.7 GHz, which bind to a memory of 4 GB RAM. This set allows applications running smoothly Store officer of Windows and other desktop programs. Yes, can stay a little short in the case of games more and more powerful applications. In more advanced settings can integrate an Intel Core processor the fourth generation of chips Intel.

Inside the Lenovo Flex 14 we can find the operating system Windows 8, a platform that has not yet found the accommodation market expected Microsoft. Of course, the inclusion of a touchscreen allow us to enjoy a full experience of this system and menus Windows -oriented touch use both traditional format and laptop support for using the mode Flex 14 as a panel Touch. We also noticed the improvements that have been introduced to the platform with the release of the Windows 8.1 update, such as the renewal of the interface of the app store Microsoft or new customization possibilities of this system. All with access to full universe of desktop applications (Windows 8 is compatible with almost all programs that worked with Windows 7).

The Lenovo Flex 14 has a full range of connections. First, we must mention the presence of a USB 3.0 port, a technology that achieves rates ten times faster than the transfer USB traditional. It also has a port USB 2.0 to insert USB devices such as mice or reports that do not require higher speed. To connect the computer to the network, you can dip into a port Ethernet including connection or WiFi. Another interesting connection is the port HDMI to see the contents of the laptop in high quality directly through the TV. The connections are completed with a card reader SD and MMC, a port VGA to connect the laptop to a monitor and connect Bluetooth to transfer information wirelessly.

In the multimedia field, there are outstanding speakers stereo equipment with an acceptable sound experience is achieved. Also it included one webcam with 720p resolution for video conferencing applications like Skype.

One of the highlights of Lenovo Flex 14 is its price. Currently it is difficult to find in the portable market with a versatile design and a touch screen having a competitive cost just 500 euros. Yet another of the strengths of the model of the Chinese company is its autonomy. And its four-cell battery is capable of one-time use of up to nine hours a remarkable figure that will use this equipment on our travels and movements without having to find a plug for charging equipment. In short, the Flex 14 Lenovo is one of the most interesting laptops that can be found in the shops this Christmas for that price, a very attractive option for those users who want to experience the tactile experience of Windows 8 and continue using the applications environment Windows with keyboard and mouse.


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