Nokia has updated its Nokia X series a few months after the launch of the first model and makes the Nokia X2

The platform of Windows Phone is the head of Nokia, which is the system that bears its Nokia Lumia range, but also has a range of other devices that presented a few months ago and it just expanded. We talked about the Nokia X, a few simple terminals operating on the structure of Android, but they carry an own operating system called Nokia Plattform X, a visual layer with a design quite reminiscent of Windows Phone.

Nokia introduced a few days ago a new model of the X family, it is the Nokia X2, a new edition with enhanced features and a new version of the operating system. The series X also counts with a model of large-format, the Nokia XL with more advanced components and five-inch screen. We compare the Nokia X2 and the Nokia XL.

As we said, the Nokia XL features a display of five inches diagonally, while the Nokia X2 advocates a more compact and manageable with panel 4.3 inches diagonally. However, despite their difference in size, they both have resolution WVGA, equal to 800 x 480 pixels, so that the density of the Nokia X2 is higher (217 ppi versus 187 ppi). There are other differences between screens, such as that of Nokia X2 is wide and has the technology ClearBlack, which improves contrast so there is no glare and can clearly see the contents until they are in full daylight. The two have a depth of 16 million colors and are covered with anti-scratch glass.

The line design is very similar in form, but logically the Nokia XL is much wider and heavier, weighing reaching no less than 190 grams, while the Nokia X2 weighs 150 grams, which not exactly light. The new model has a casing with glossy finish, and a very interesting effect of the double layer. The housing of Nokia XL has matte plastic. Both are available in several very bright colors in addition to black and white classics.

The photographic section is fairly even, with some details that would support a Nokia X2. The two have a sensor 1/4 inch with five megapixel resolution. They also have four digital zoom magnification and LED flash that covers a distance of one meter. The two have autofocus, but the Nokia X2 lets focus on objects 10 centimeters while the Nokia XL makes it to 50 inches. The Nokia X2 also has a brighter lens and records videos as HD720p, while the Nokia XL what done in FWVGA (864 x 480 pixels). Both have front camera, but the Nokia X2 is VGA and the Nokia XL offers resolution 1,200 x 1,600 pixels.

The media profile is pretty even in compatibility with different formats, have FM radio application and come with Nokia Mix Radio. The system of Nokia X2 adds noise cancellation for better sound on calls.

Nokia has improved the power with the Nokia X2, which integrates a processor dual-core Snapdragon 200 to 1.2 Ghz and carries 1GB of memory RAM. The Nokia XL has a Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1 Ghz and accompanying 768 Mb of RAM. Where is itself tied to the internal memory with a depth of 4 GB expandable capacity with MicroSD to 32 GB additional.

As mentioned earlier, the Nokia X work on the structure of Android, but Nokia mounted above a separate visual layer that has nothing to do with the design we know about Android. Teams allow you to install Android, but do not have Google Play Store. Services also include Nokia and Microsoft suite such as navigation HERE Maps or Skype.

The system has a design very reminiscent of Windows Phone, with a large screen with shortcuts to style Live Tiles system from Redmond. They also have the function Fastlane, which can switch between the latest applications quickly. The Nokia X2 has the version Nokia X 2.0, which has a row of icons more on the home screen and also allows you to customize its sizes. It has already been confirmed that previous models will not be updated to this version.

The connection profile is fairly even, with the exception that the connection 3G of Nokia X2 runs at 21 Mbps versus 7.2 Mbps of its opponent and the antenna GPS is compatible with Glonass. The two terminals carry a wireless port Bluetooth, connect by WiFi system and also include WiFi Hotspot to share the mobile connection. In the section on the wired one we find a MicroUSB for data transfer or charging the battery, plug headphones and dual SIM slot to carry two phone lines in the same terminal.


The battery of the Nokia X2 has 1,800 milliamp capacity and official data say that may be on for 23 days in so rest, of ten to thirteen hours in conversation and four hours in navigation 3G. The Nokia XL is bigger and comes with a battery of 2,000 milliamps. Duration in rest amounts to 30 days complete, while autonomy in use is between 16 and 13 hours. ‘s navigation by mobile network also extends to five hours and average.

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