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If something terminals have excelled the Finnish Nokia, in addition to its design, is to carry high quality photographic lenses with lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss. Some devices have been improved with technology PureView, able to make the most of this sensor information it collects to achieve very detailed pictures even when using the zoom and conditions of low light. What has gotten terminals Nokia Lumia 1020; Lumia 920 and Lumia 925 are of smart phones best valued in the field of digital photography, as they all take technology PureView in their objectives, but with some differences.

And the Lumia has a sensor 1020 no less than 41 megapixels, while the other two are 8.7 megapixels. But power without control is useless, and with this technology Nokia has also been responsible for developing a tool that allows the user to manage all the features of these goals at will, getting all kinds of quality pictures in different situations. This tool is called Nokia Pro Cam, and is an application that the range Lumia with PureView can use completely free of charge.

It is an application that provides controls photographic standard of professional cameras but for these terminals. The key is that not only offers opportunities, but its interface design or user is so simple that anyone can use, even without notions of photography. This design is based on concentric arches that allow regular different aspects such as the speed of the shutter or the balance of whites with a finger, seeing on-screen reaction to that effect will be on the final image. It is an ease to get the perfect outlet.

Its use is really simple, just start the application so that the camera is activated and displayed on the screen frame and all these controls. Thus the farthest arch shutter button on the left to control the white balance of the scene. That is, get the photograph represents the colors as closely as possible. To do this you must set this control that allows the sensor to understand that the brightest part is white and the darkest black. Something represents the application with different situations such as sunny, cloudy, fluorescent, incandescent or indoor light. It is a key issue to consider when light from the scene is not natural and white or to represent faithfully or not the colors of a sunset.

Nokia Pro Cam

The second control or arc of this application is used to control the focus. It ensures that the objects in the scene remain neatly delimited and focused. In this case the user can choose the focus automatic, very common in digital cameras not have to worry about it, or slide your finger to focus at different distances and get all kinds of effects for photos. This can see the result in advance in screen.

One more important point, and that highlights this application is the ability to control the value ISO, or sensitivity to the light in the scene. This is done to regulate the scenes with too much or too little light to accurately represent the colors and objects. This feature is one that allows the image to be overexposed or not burnt, or too dark. Moreover, as other controls can be adjusted to see on the screen before the shot result.

And closely related to the previous point is the following control. In this case it is the shutter speed. A control allows you to adjust the amount of light entering the camera sensor for a given time. By including this variety is possible to get photos with objects moving very sharp or blurred. Simply slide your finger to the top to reduce speed and get very sharp pictures, but who need a lot of light. The same occurs in the opposite case. To get pictures in dark environments need a low shutter speed so that all possible light reaches the image sensor and not be dark, but any movement will cause blurring or become moved.

The last control, which is closer to the shutter button, it is the exposure value. To regulate up or down is achieved illuminate objects that are shadowed in the scene or darken if they have too much light and barely visible.

If it gets the right conditions is just adjust the framing and shooting. Although here not just the possibilities of Nokia Pro Cam. The users lazier or less learned can always slip these controls to the bottom of the arc to set the auto mode on any of them. Always considering related values ​​have warnings and tips to achieve the best result. Moreover, once established it remains stored configuration for use at other times, can reset the controls to move the shutter button to the left and re-release. And there’s more.

Nokia Pro Cam can capture with zoom and retake the frame. And this application actually takes two catches (Lumia 1020) or a (Lumia 920 and 925) but keeps the original intact. In this way it is possible to undo the zoom and recompose the scene at will, being able to apply different types of formats like four thirds, square frames, etc.

In short, a tool that thanks to the technology of photographic lenses terminal Lumia makes the user take full control. All this technology knowing PureView has a powerful image stabilizer to prevent movement, and a quality blush many compact digital cameras of the moment. An application can also be downloaded completely free through Windows Phone Store. Yes, it is necessary to have updated to version terminal Amber operating system Windows Phone.

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