Nokia Lumia 625 with affordable big screen

Nokia has always strived to offer interesting options for users looking for a more complete set phone prices and range Lumia not going to be less. The Finnish smartphones ranging from the most basic to more advanced, but they manage very well to the economic benefits are very striking. If we go to the most affordable of its catalog we find a somewhat particular model, the Nokia Lumia 625. What we classify as well because its price of 220 euros would have us think in a low mid range to use, but it is not. This device has a clear goal: to offer visual entertainment experience and a big screen, with complete technical profile and an affordable price.

The Nokia Lumia 625 combines very well advanced elements as the 4.7 -inch panel or the connection to 4G networks, with a spec sheet set but at the same time competent. Here we review the characteristics and main functions.

As mentioned, the screen is the centerpiece of this device. Its size is about 4.7 inches to the top of the range more pointers, but does not reach the barrier of the five inches, a subtle difference but that note to the time to handle it. The visual experience of such a large panel is much richer. No longer will you need to go all photos expand to see the faces of the protagonists, the texts will be read much better and the details of the videos are seen effortlessly. The Metro interface platform Windows Phone also has more space and home pane windows are wider, plus it does not fit anymore and you have to scroll as often.

The screen is IPS LCD, which ensures vivid colors and good viewing angle, but also Nokia brings its own improvements such as improved color reproduction and refresh rate of 60 Hz, which updates the visual content faster. The resolution is WVGA -or what is the same, 480 x 800 pixels – it is not the higher standard of the time, but remember that the Nokia Lumia 625 is a mid-range. In any case, this configuration results in a density of 201 dots per inch, so the images kept sharp and clear at all times.


Nokia has ensured that the screen can be seen well in all conditions, even when very sunny and reflexes can disturb. To top it off have also included improved Super Sensitive Touch Touch, a system that allows us to manage the device even relocate gloves posts. How could it be otherwise the panel comes with several sensors, the first is the ambient light to adjust the brightness, a key role in the proper display and also the time to save battery. It also has a proximity sensor so the screen turns off when we approach the phone to your ear to talk.

The Nokia Lumia 625 comes ready to play Dolby quality sound through stereo headphones. From the menu settings can enable this improvement with a much more clear and crisp sound and an equalizer for the user to adjust the high frequencies, medium or low as you like. The sales package comes with a headphone kit of button with hands-free, that will help us to listen to music, make phone calls, or listen to the radio with its FM tuner.

The Nokia 625 Lumia returns to get close to the high range more complete in their connections, specifically in one: the connection to mobile networks 4G. Thanks to its chip LTE, the device will be able to connect to mobile networks high-speed, which as you know are already available in the main cities of our country and with the larger operators.

This system allows the maximum speed of downloading up to 100 Mbps and the price increase is 50 Mbps, much greater than the system or HSPA 3G that remained with 21 Mbps or 42 Mbps in the variant HSPA. You will notice that web pages open faster and YouTube videos load much faster, without having any break. For Nokia entertainment is very important and is one of the key aspects in the Nokia Lumia 625, in which the games are more fun thanks to its huge screen of 4.7 inches. One of the top titles is Halo: Spartan Assault, a shooter in a futuristic world where there is a fight between humans and aliens.

The Nokia 625 Lumia also comes with the Xbox Live service integrated, from where we can handle our avatar, share our achievements with the Xbox community and of course access too many more games. Nokia also introduces the system of music in streaming Radio Mix, through which you can listen to millions of songs completely free of charge. Finally we emphasize the exclusive package of applications for Nokia Collection, which has many tools for the camera as the complete Nokia Smart Cam.


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