The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the best smartphone brand as it has shown its potential

The big fella of the Lumia range is one of the most comprehensive models that can be found at the Windows Phone segment and also in the catalog of the manufacturer. It has everything: screen, power, a camera and a very complete autonomy as it already wanted the majority of mobile devices. The most delicate point is its size, and is not that this giant adapts to any type of user.

The Lumia range often highlighted by the integration of high-quality screens, but in this case is the fact that has a much higher resolution (FullHD), equal to the size. The images are very crisp and clear, the view is good from the angles and the way of readability under sunlight do what he promised, making possible reflections do not bother us much. It reproduces vivid colors; it is bright and has a good contrast with very deep blacks.

On the other hand its touch response is really sensitive; sometimes too, the good thing is that we can turn this option from the Setup menu. There is no doubt that the screen is the protagonist in the Nokia Lumia 1520, in addition to the quality of image presented by its enormous size. Thanks to this the Start allows you to place one more column of Live Tiles, getting leverage more space and avoid creating a long list that we need to scroll. If we set it right we can have all the shortcuts in sight at all times.

If anything it hits Nokia is almost always in design. The Nokia Lumia 1520 has a chassis made of a single piece of polycarbonate, a most material resistant printing that solid feel in the terminal. The company has struggled to lose weight to keep the total weight is over and they have succeeded, although it is not a light terminal but getting some balance. It has some excellent finishes, which are noticeable especially in the rounded edges with sharp corners and slightly softened touch. However, despite the clear intention of making it an ergonomic terminal size plays against. It turns uncomfortable to hold and on more than one occasion (too) get the feeling that it’s going to slip out of hand although you may be better users with larger hands it suits.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Generally the only downside is the size, which is that we try hard for over 6 inches away or do not respond to the concept of functionality of a smartphone. Handling is fluid if we use both hands just as we do with a mini-tablet and in many cases its huge screen is an advantage. Typing can go faster because the keys are bigger; the pictures look perfectly without expanding or can even watch a video several people at the same time clearly. However using a hand is limited to simple operations like browsing the home screen or menu, open applications and press the capacitive buttons on the bottom, which is something.

In this section we also analyze the CP-623 protective case which was filed with the device and also were able to test. It is a combination of polycarbonate back cover with a flap that covers the screen and prevents damage by rubbing or stroke. The concept is very similar to the Smart Case for Apple, and that folding the flap form a stand to place the terminal upright, convenient to watch a video.

The trouble is that the flap is a bit flimsy and does not have magnets that set, but it is held by the weight of the device. The way to put it and remove it quickly and easily and leaves the edges exposed. Places to look for more hit the material back dirty with fingerprints and also had been rather a slight ridge that protects the lens of the camera. However, the use of a protective case on this device is recommended because its weight can cause a stroke have more serious consequences, and greatly improves your grip when worn.

The seal PureView is synonymous with quality and the Nokia Lumia 1520 meets expectations. Refresh your memory by reviewing the key points of the rear camera of this model: backlit sensor of 20 megapixels, optical image stabilizer, lens Carl Zeiss and back clipping high resolution. With these credentials the Nokia Lumia 1520 but could not get good results, at the height of many compact and well ahead of many other cameras. Also very convenient because we can open the camera phone is locked by pressing the dedicated button located on the side and a photo shoot quickly.

When lighting conditions are good get sharp images with vivid colors and very large, so we can enlarge them without losing sharpness. But if we take a walk at night also manages to capture snapshots in great detail and minimal noise effect. Backlit sensor and stabilizer are responsible for the photos not blurred, and the same for videos. In the case of insufficient light or we’re trying to take a picture of something in motion, its powerful LED flash also log the time with excellent results, but yes, we can not go very far from the object as it will get to you light. Please find attached some samples of images in different situations.


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