Nokia introduced the second edition of its smartphone with Android

The new Nokia X2 is a terminal input range that has the platform Nokia X 2.0 and integrates some of the most interesting services Nokia and Microsoft. The team has been improved on the technical level with a larger screen, more power and higher resolution camera. The Nokia X is the first model that was presented at last year’s Mobile World Congress.

The first thing you see is an increase in the size of the screen of Nokia X2, which measures 4.3 inches diagonally, while The Nokia X measured four inches. Both have the same resolution (800 x 480 pixels) and therefore the density of the Nokia X is higher because it has the same pixel in a smaller panel, but it is a very subtle difference. The Nokia X2 makes it so much because its screen is wide and also has the ClearBlack technology, a system that enhances contrast and improves visibility, even though we are in full sun.

Nokia has kept the same design language in these two teams in terms of form. However, they have introduced a new dual-layer shell with a glossy finish on the Nokia X2, while the Nokia X has a standard matte finish. The difference in their screen makes the Nokia X2 is wider and heavier, but again this is not an unreasonable difference.

As mentioned earlier, the camera is one of the aspects that have been enhanced in the Nokia X2. The terminal equipped with a main camera of five megapixel sensor which measures 1/4 inch, wearing a lens with aperture f/2.4, autofocus, zoom magnification and four digital LED flash. It also records videos as HD720p and carries a front camera VGA (0.3 megapixel). Meanwhile the Nokia X has a three-megapixel sensor of 1/5 of an inch, its lens has aperture f/2.8 and the focus is fixed. It also has digital zoom of four increases and record video, but that yes, FWVGA in resolution (864 x 480 pixels).

Where are more closely matched is in the multimedia section and both can play many formats, although the list of the Nokia X2 is a bit longer. They also have FM radio application and Nokia Mix Radio. The Nokia X2 also adds a set of noise cancellation.

As it could not be otherwise, the processor of the Nokia X2 is also more powerful than the previous generation. Specifically it is a Snapdragon 200 for dual core at 1.2 GHz frequency and 1 GB of RAM. The Nokia X carries a Snapdragon S4 from dual core to 1 GHz and memory RAM is 512 MB. Where do agree is on the internal memory, which is only 4Gb in both cases and also accept memory cards MicroSD Extra 32 Gb. The only difference in this section is that The Nokia X2 includes 7 Gb free OneDrive, cloud Microsoft.

The operating system of these two models is the Nokia X Plattform, a customization that works on the structure of Android and allows you to install applications compatible with Google mobile system. The system has a look that quite resembles Windows Phone and it also has the function Fastlane, a kind of interface to quickly change application. The Nokia X2 comes out with version 2.0 and has already been confirmed that previous models will not receive the update. The Nokia X 2.0 features enhancements such as four rows of icons on the home screen with the option to adjust to our liking. It also comes with a free subscription to Skype for a month. It also has a start button and another to back, while the Nokia X only carries the backing.

Both models feature a profile connections practically modeled, with the notable difference that the connection 3G of the Nokia X2 can reach peak discharge 21 Mbps and The Nokia X only 7.2 Mbps Otherwise both have WiFi, WiFi Hotspot to share the connection, Bluetooth 4.0, antenna GPS (GLONASS support in Nokia X2), MicroUSB 2.0 output and headphones. Also mobile Dual SIM, thus allowing to relocate two phone lines at the same time in the same terminal.

The Nokia X2 is broader and therefore integrates a higher capacity battery, namely 1,800 milliamps. This unit allows you to stay on for 23 days at rest, provides four hours of browsing 3G and can be between 10 to 13 hours talk time. The Nokia X has a battery of 1,500 milliamps and lasts for 17 days on standby and also between 13 and 10 hours talk time.


Nokia has reissued the Nokia X just months after the launch of the first model, and the fact is that the Nokia X2 brings all necessary improvements. To start its screen is the system ClearBlack improves visibility outdoors, plus it is more wide. Their processor also increases the power and especially carries a much more complete camera. They are still in a very simple input range smartphone and whose price is just 100 euros. The Nokia X costs 90 euros, so the new release has left it completely offside.

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