Nokia has created an interesting proposal with the new X series to suit the tastes of each user

Nokia introduced new smartphones few days ago, but there was no sign of the Lumia series as usual, but took the opportunity to start a new line. The company advocates a new typology that highlights the new operating system: the Nokia X platform. The system is not Android, but it allows installation of applications through this and other platforms. A total of three devices: Nokia X, X + Nokia and Nokia XL. The three are part of the input range and have basic benefits, but their prices are also very tight, so that seem like an attractive option for users looking for a versatile and economical product. Then we do a comparison of the key aspects of the new Nokia X.

Both the Nokia X and the Nokia X + are the same type of LCD, a four-inch diagonal with WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels). It is a compact panel, which allows for comfortable one-handed use while offering a wide surface to see the content clearly. This setting makes the density is 233 ppi, which is not much but is at an acceptable point. As its name suggests, the Nokia XL has a larger screen, namely that grows up to five inches. This model puts the visual experience management, while still allowing enough shares to run a hand. The resolution remains the same as in the lower models, so its density is affected and remains at 187 ppi. All three carry the Nokia Glance screen, which lets you see the time or at any time notifications and unlock the terminal a double tap on the panel.

Nokia has opted for a design similar to that found in some Nokia Lumia. Its shape is rectangular and is known for its various colors, with a cover that covers the entire back and corners. The rear panel is made of poly-carbonate, can be exchanged for a different and also removing the battery. The three models are the same design, the only difference being the size. The Nokia X and Nokia X + have the same dimensions and weight, but the Nokia XL increases its size and weight reaches 190 grams. On the front there is only one touch button to return to the start menu and on the side are the power and volume keys.

Follow similar between Nokia and Nokia X + X, which share the same camera. We have already predicted that these models correspond to the input range for this reason not surprising that they have a camera only 3 megapixel fixed focus. This part will allow us to take pictures in a timely manner if we do not carry another camera over but its size and quality will not be a highlight. Nor have LED flash, so you’d better use it only in times when there is good light.

They have features like white balance and panorama option, but no trace of the full functions including the Nokia Lumia. It also records videos, which will have a size of 864 x 480 pixels and are recorded at a frequency of 30 frames per second. However the Nokia XL anticipates its two companions and raises the bar with a 5 megapixel sensor. But not only that, it also has autofocus and an LED flash.

Technical draw in the processor, since all three chip equipped Snapdragon S4 dual-core, clocked at 1 Ghz. Yeah Where they differ is in RAM, where X Nokia loses 512 Mb. Sin But the other two models have 768 Mb, which is not much. Despite this apparent lack, of note is that the system works very fluid and does not need a power to give a good performance.

The internal memory is the same for all three, and also one of its weakest points. The ability of the Nokia X is only 4 GB, which can fill up quickly if you download applications and store a few pictures and songs. However, in these cases we can draw on a MicroSD card memory of 32 Gb extra.

We have advance at first that the new Nokia X premiere platform, which have christened with the same name. Nokia X Plattform 1.0 The system has an interface that brings together elements of the Nokia Asha, such as FastLane function, which allows access to frequently used applications quickly. The appearance of the system also reminds the Metro interface with customizable elements to set the home screen to our taste, but also adding Android widgets.

The Nokia X terminals are not Android itself, but allow the installation of applications from Android, which is not the same. Not find the package of Google, but you can access the contents of Google Play, in addition to the proprietary Nokia Store and other platforms like Amazon.


Most striking is its operating system, which allows the installation of Android applications, but with a proprietary interface focuses on ease of use. They are devices aimed at emerging markets and users who want versatility at a good price, which without a doubt is its strong point. The Nokia X and Nokia X + not saved just differ, only the RAM. The Nokia XL does make a difference, offering a larger screen, a more complete camera and also a higher capacity battery.

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