“Nice-looking” Designing Retina Display in iPad Mini

It is the iPad Mini with Retina display that everyone expected. It is a device that significantly increases the resolution of the display with respect to the first generation iPad mini. The company Apple has just introduced in Peppermint Center of San Francisco one of the year’s biggest tablets along the so-called iPad Air, the fifth generation. A 9.7 -inch device that improves the characteristics of the last edition. With the iPad Mini with Retina display goes virtually the same. Apart from having a powerful new screen 7.9 inches, like its predecessor, offers interesting improvements in the performance section through the A7 processor, now four times faster than the old A5 Dual Core. But these are the only features we have come to our attention.

The new Apple tablet has a high potential for connectivity, supporting LTE networks. Also with integrated five megapixel camera, identical to the iPad mini, but with technology iSight so much has been lavished on the latest models of Apple. The iPad Mini with Retina display is available to the market over next November in two different versions: the silver and gray called space. Editing WiFi will be available for 390 euros (16 GB), 480 euros (32 GB), 570 euros (64 GB) and 660 euros (128 GB) while editing with WiFi + Data will cost 509 euros (16 GB), 600 euros (32 GB), 690 euros (64 GB) and 780 euros (128 GB).

Design and Display 

The new iPad Mini with Retina display remains part of the performance that gave success to the previous edition. It measures 20 x 13.47 x 0.75 inches, so it keeps the size of its predecessor, but weighs a few grams more. According to the label, the second generation of the iPad mini weighs 341 grams (WiFi + 3G version) and 331 grams (WiFi edition). It has a lightweight design and easy to hold anywhere: while waiting for the bus, we traveled by subway or wait patiently in the dentist’s office. This is without doubt an interesting alternative for those who have a predilection for large screens. It comes in two versions distinguished by their colors so discreet: silver hue and is known under the name of gray space.

The screen is one of its core elements. And it is, indeed, one of the most important improvements found in the new Apple computer. It is for the first time in the short history of the iPad mini, a Retina display resolution increases the maximum. In short, what has made ​​Apple is riding on this piece a multi-touch panel 7.9 inch Retina works through LED technology and has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The resulting pixel density also increases, from 163-326 pixels per inch. Also, as is customary in all Apple hardware, to protect the device against dirt has been integrated on the main board one oleophobic fingerprint-resistant cover.

iPad Mini with Retina display


The camera inherits some of the features of the previous team, but notable for integrating technology iSight we’ve seen in other Apple devices. Automatically measures those factors that have a direct influence on the photographic capture and adapts the camera settings for the image to have the highest quality. In this case, the device integrates a five megapixel sensor that will help us to take good photographs and various extra features: auto focus, face detection, backlight, hybrid infrared filter, tap to focus on video and photos, geotagging and the ability to 1080p HD video recording. This tool has an important stabilizing system that will help us get videos without shaking and with a far superior quality.

The front camera, also called FaceTime HD has a 1.2-megapixel sensor and is very helpful to us to make video calls, also through the application FaceTime, specially developed for this purpose.

Memory and power 

Another important improvement is in the processor. And is that Apple has built into this iPad with Retina display one of its newest chips. This is the same processor found in the iPhone 5S, called A7. This system comes complete with a coprocessor called M7 that analyzes data provided by the sensors of the team: the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. This second element will be very useful for users who intend to use the computer as a measuring tool for athletic performance to access the maps or are sleeping with the iPad in its hands. In that case, the coprocessor is able to analyze our activity to start consuming less energy or smart off.

Apple introduces another innovation in the memory section. The new Cupertino team comes in capacities classic 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, but also in an innovative version of 128 GB. In this case, it is necessary that you consider each of these abilities deserves a different price, being the 128 GB the most expensive version of the iPad with Retina display.

Operating System and Applications 

As you know, all computers that Apple has introduced in recent weeks run through iOS 7, the latest version of the platform of this firm. This is an issue that improvement in many aspects, but above all it does in the field of performance. Keep in mind, however, that the issue has already several problems that are being solved by forced marches through different patches. Some users complained of battery problems and persistent failures in the system. We hope that the new iPad are fully optimized to run at pace with this new edition of the operating system Apple.

IO7 contains major changes to the interface design and offers applications like: AirDrop, AirPlay, AirPrint, ControlCenter, NotificationCenter, Siri, Spotlight Search, iCloud, Multitasking, Passbok and full integration as used networks as Facebook or Twitter. To all this, Apple will also offer users services such as Safari, Mail, iBooks, Photos, Maps, FaceTime, Kiosk, Messages, Calendar or Siri and installed devices series free applications like iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iTunes U, Podcasts, Find my iPhone, Find my Friends and Remote .


The iPad Mini with Retina display comes in two different versions. The first is the network that comes equipped with WiFi wireless and will allow Internet access through any such connection, whether at home, in a public place or in our work. The second option offered by Apple is incorporating WiFi connectivity and 3G/LTE. This second part gives users superior performance when traveling outside and have no available wireless networks. In this way can always be connected and have a data plan for you. These characteristics are of vital importance to any user of this class of devices, we must add compatibilicad with wireless Bluetooth 4.0, a feature that will help us to share content with other computers in a relatively simple way to synchronize and accessories that work without wires.

It also has GPS and GLONASS assistance (through WiFi + 3G) with direct access to maps. This allows us to use the iPad mini as a travel assistant or to our walking routes. In the area of physical connections, responds with an output of 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a Lightning connector essential to synchronize the device or to connect compatible accessories.

Music, video, photo and multimedia

Its 7.9 inch screen is a great ally for displaying multimedia content. The iPad mini is compatible with most commonly used formats, so that the user will not experience any problems when playing your favorite songs and videos. The software from Apple will allow us to further our own music libraries organize and order our entertainment so it’s always accessible. As there could be no other way, thanks to a direct connection with iTunes we can download all types of content: movies, serials, newspapers, magazines, comics, books, music and much more entertainment. Logically, the device is compatible with the Apple TV AirPlay and offers the ability to watch streaming video and through larger screens.

Autonomy and availability

Apple has installed in this device one rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a consumption of 23.8 watts / hour. The company experts indicate that the battery will be able to offer a range of 10 hours of surfing through WiFi and 9 hours of surfing through mobile networks. To charge the battery simply plugs the device through a power adapter or USB to connect it to a computer. Finally, it should be noted that the provision of autonomy offered by Apple is just a revised estimate should be particularly by each user. The battery life actually depends on many other factors such as network status, active functions, the status of the battery itself or the personal use of the device makes each user.

The company has announced that the iPad Mini with Retina display is available to the global market during the month of November, but has not yet specified a date. We know, though, that prices are as follows: the model with WiFi will cost 390 euros (16 GB), 480 euros (32 GB), 570 euros (64 GB) and 660 euros (128 GB) while editing with WiFi + Data will cost 509 euros (16 GB), 600 euros (32 GB), 690 euros (64 GB) and 780 euros (128 GB).

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