The New Year’s coming to Google Play

With the New Year about to begin is impossible not to take stock of the last twelve months and try to improve on that to come. Hence the emerging New Year’s resolutions, but also motivating weighs on the conscience of each. Something that applications try to provide tools to support those who want to quit smoking , adopt habits healthy lifestyle , more exercise, eat better or take a tighter finances. Below we will be shown which of these applications free makers have chosen Google Play for devices Android.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking remains one of the most repeated purposes. It is a habit that the user must stop practicing, but it is more bearable with an application like this. With it you can keep a diary simple from the habit is abandoned. This makes it possible to query the application for the money and time saved by quitting. It is also full of tips and information about health. All this under a layer of gamificacion or set that is rewarded with medals and achievements each new milestone of the process.

Quit Smoking – QuitNow!

With a similar approach this other application is presented. A support tool that allows a monitoring of the process of the user and indicate the money saved, the days of Earned Life and health problems avoided. But what sets this application is its level of support. And it allows direct contact with others to receive samples of support and advice of those who are going through the same.

Relax Melodies: Sleep and Yoga

And if you want to avoid in 2014 is the stress and lack of sleep, this app can help thanks to white noise. A concept that makes use of natural environmental sounds, animal noises and weather the user to relax and help sleep. This application features 46 of these sounds, allowing mixing and link with each other to create a melody itself. It is a relaxing place to practice yoga, meditation or with its soundscape timer to fall asleep more comfortably.

Runtastic Heart Rate

Related to relaxation and also the physical exercise, this application allows knowing the heartbeat easily. This is one of the tools Runtastic, focusing on healthy living. With it you can make up to three measurements a day so completely free. Simply place your finger on the camera and the LED flash of this and expect to complete the measurement. This can create a journal and specify whether the measurement corresponds to a moment of rest or after exercise. All this represented with graphs and data that anyone can understand and a pretty tight margin of error. Of course, there can never be a substitute for professional medical measurement tools.

Runtastic Squats

Another tool of Runtastic sneaks into this list. On this occasion for the user do squats. And it is a good way to get fit and give everything at once to strengthen the legs and buttocks. This aims to create a user profile and create different plans. Always encouraging and trying to exceed the goals of the user, in addition to challenge friends and other users of the application. It counts each squat thanks to sensors of the terminal, and uses the voice of a personal trainer to not have to count every movement.

Google Play

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

But if you want to work after the Christmas excesses is the area of the abdomen, this is an application created for it. Simply choose any of your plans and start doing crunches. All of this through a guided process with different types of exercises. And yes, they have the majority of their options blocked unless you pay for them.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is one of the great uses for recording the physical activity of the user. It has a long list of sports and exercises to measure calorie consumption, the circuit path, the need for hydration and many other values. All of this is through an application with an exquisite design that helps your management and the ability to share the results and be in contact with other users.


Well sport is related to the power. With this tool the user is able to consider different regimes and diets to lose weight. A process that does not have to be so hard if some of its rules are met and achieved end the day in green on your meter intakes. It is a good way to control amount and type of food. All are using the technology to scan product barcodes and easily record each meal.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Equally comprehensive is this application to counting calories. A good way to keep track of the intakes to not be and accomplish assigned diets. All are providing a great list of foods and their caloric intake, as well as the ability to deduct any physical exercise to make an estimate of daily calories. This makes it possible to know whether there is compliance to diet and lose weight more easily obtained.

Calorie Counter

This is another alternative, something more visual in this case. With a simpler structure and a clear management, lets you view the intakes and calorie expenditure. This one is created automatically graph that collects user activity and its evolution, if you can see on the right track to achieve their goals. It also has the ability to add friends for their development and support in this process.

Expense Manager

After the holidays and gifts also comes the dreaded hill of January. And the current economic situation is not like to brag. So it may be useful applications like this that asks the user to organize your expenses and income to live a clean and clear accountability. A tool that shows you in a simple and categorized all expenses User provided it the register, to know where the money is going so you can save as much as possible.

Toshl Finance

It is another alternative for controlling expenditures than surprised by the ease of point new payments. Thus, even the cost of coffee requires no more than a couple of screen taps. All this may set different budgets and know so very visual, how much percentage of the amount available. A very comfortable option to bring all accounts current.


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