New variations in the Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2 is the new tablet from the U.S. Company with the Windows operating system RT, can make a bet that the sinking or taking off this reduced version of Windows 8, which so far has just won the support of the public and manufacturers. Surface 2 enhances many of the features of the first version, such as a greater autonomy, a very bright screen with full HD resolution, a thinner design or the inclusion of a more comfortable support when holding the tablet on the table. All of this while maintaining the quality of the materials from which they are presented in society the surface and with the important resource of the sheaths keyboard that sell Microsoft.

There is no doubt that this is a device very attractive both for its appearance and everything around this model, starting with the box itself. Microsoft has created a premium looking device that can win many converts. Its construction has been used a light and resistant material and has opted for the color silver granules in the housing. We are facing very thin and light equipment, with a thickness of 9 mm and a weight of 675 grams. This makes handling the tablet and has it in your hands for longer periods of time are not made heavy. Another key aspect of the design of this device is that despite its fineness has a built- in USB 3.0 port full size, unlike most tablets sacrificing these ports, only to include a keyboard or join utilize a reduced size port. This decision enhances the productivity of the Surface.

The other improvement not to forget to mention is that experienced its rear support. In the first version, the tab that folds out to hold the device when placed on a table only had one position, fairly straight, we found it quite uncomfortable. Aware of this limitation, Microsoft has introduced a second inclined position which increases the versatility of the team. Although this is an accessory, it remains difficult to understand tablets Surface without making a stop along the way in their cases with keyboard. Available both as a mechanical keyboard with touch keys, these gadgets have the dual function of protecting the screen when closed over it and turn the computer on a small laptop when placed on the table.

Microsoft Surface 2

The main novelty of these accessories is now also incorporate LED lighting, an important advantage for users who are used to working on the car or public transport, or just like to use the computer in a dark room. Another aspect to be highlighted is that these cases have little weight, a substantial difference to what happens with the convertible computers. Of course, we must also bear in mind that this lightness becomes a problem if you are used to using the device lying in bed or on the knees, as it is difficult to keep in balance.

One of the highlights of the Surface 2 is its display. It incorporates a panel of 10.6 inches with a resolution of Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels with good tactile response and a high gloss that casts very bright images. It is a good way to see our favorite or enjoy other multimedia content on the web movies. This panel supports simultaneous five-point pressure.

This tablet uses a processor ARM as those present in most tablets Android and the iPad. Specifically, we have a chip NVIDIA Tetra 4 quad-core 1.7 GHz power, which binds to a memory of 2 GB RAM. This set serves to smoothly run Windows menus and the vast majority of the apps store Microsoft. However, it may be a little short for those who want a more productive use of the equipment and you will surely opt for the tablet Microsoft Surface Pro 2. As for storage, we can choose a configuration of 32 GB or other of 64 GB. The problem here is that Windows RT takes up about 15 GB of space, which will significantly reduce the usable space to store our files. Aware of this limitation, the U.S. Company wanted to include with their tablets new generation extra gift that is very attractive.

More heat than light, so far. This operating system that looks the Surface is a reduced version of Windows 8 sacrificing access to almost all desktop applications, with some exceptions in the form of products like Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer. Indeed, one of the great strengths of Surface is offered free of charge popular tools Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint. But out of these tools, the use of this system is very limited as access to a world of desktop applications is lost, and the apps store Microsoft still suffer from a certain lack of maturity and quality (although there interesting apps such as OneNote ). Finally, we must also emphasize the gift of unlimited calls through Skype for a year by purchasing Surface.

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