The new ultraportable of Asus has come with its versatility to suit any type of use

The new Transformer Book Trio TX201LA is the new convertible notebook of the brand Asus. Its name itself suggests, is that the new computer Asus is a three-in-one that can serve as both portable, as a tablet or desktop. It is an ultraportable computer very light and with an elegant design that adapts to any application Then review all technical specifications. The Transformer Book Trio of Asus is a laptop with a screen of 11.6 inch removable. This gives us the possibility to use the computer screen as a tablet to incorporate touch technology allowing detecting many more contact points than the other teams in this style. Indeed, this screen can detect touch points to 33% smaller than standard displays.

In any case we want to use the Transformer Book Trio of Asus; the screen is Full HD with a resolution reaches 1920 x 1080 pixels. Thus if we want to use this computer as a tablet to view content such as videos or photographs comfortably, both the size of its screen resolution as we provide good image quality. On the other hand, the screen of Asus Transformer Book Trio features the IPS technology. Thus, the colors are more accurate than the screens that do not incorporate taking a look closer to reality image. Additionally, this technology allows viewing angle reaches 178 degrees without the colors are altered or distorted image.

In terms of its design team is ultra light in its laptop version weighing just 1 kilo with the included keyboard and having a thickness of 13.4 mm. In tablet mode the thickness becomes 9.7 mm and weighs just 700 grams. These dimensions make the Transformer Book Trio of Asus team a very handy and easy to transport. It has a dark metallic color, so it looks very elegant to the eye, as well as being composed of a material that is not very sensitive to fingerprints.

The team of Transformer Book Trio of Asus is very powerful. In its notebook mode it features dual core processor Intel Core i5 4200U 1600 Mhz. It may seem a little tight, so those of Asus also offer the possibility of providing the new Transformer Book Trio with Intel Core i7 4500U processor also has dual core but it reaches a frequency of 3000 MHz and being quite more powerful. If we add this to its latest processor 4 GB RAM, those wishing to use the laptop without worrying about the operating speed of the programs found in the installed Transformer Book Trio laptop suits your needs.


On the other hand, the Asus Transformer Book Trio in tablet mode has Intel Z2560 processor and a 2GB memory RAM. These characteristics make it less powerful than the laptop mode. However, this is explained because of Asus understand that by proposing such a versatile machine, the user can choose the tasks according to the speed of the mode in which you want to use. So if we want to work with heavier programs also have the option to connect the Transformer Book Trio to a desktop computer. If, on the contrary, we want to simply read the newspaper or watch content such as photos or videos, with the processor of the tablet will give us more than enough. Thus, in each mode corresponds to a fully aligned power use.

In terms of its internal memory, each mode also has its own. For the portable mode of the Transformer Book Trio one can choose a internal memory of 500GB, 750GB or 1TB. Asus and provides its users with a wide range of options so it decides depending on the use you will give. Meanwhile, the tablet has 16GB of internal memory as standard. However we can always extend thanks to its integrated card slot up to 64GB extra memory.

However, thanks to the storage system in the cloud WebStorage that Asus makes available to users of the Transformer Book Trio in a free for three years, can be accessed from different devices to 32GB of cloud storage where you can store all types documents thanks to the immediate synchronization. As a convertible machine all the features of Transformer Book Trio have two options. The technical specifications about its operating system would not be less. Indeed the new ultrabook Asus has two operating systems depending on what mode you want to use.

In the new Transformer Book Trio portable mode works with Windows 8, while in tablet mode, it adopts the operating system from Google, Android version 4.2. Thus users can choose from the wide range of applications available in the store both Windows Store and Google Play goes with the best of both. What they call more attention is undoubtedly the “Trio” which incorporates and button with which you can switch from one operating system to another without further complication. In addition, it may also shares information between them, accessing files from laptop mode as the Tablet mode.


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