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Samsung re-introduce an improved one of the smartphones of their catalog and this time it’s the turn to edit Samsung Galaxy Core, which now comes as Samsung Galaxy Core Advance. The company has renovated this mid-range by relying mainly on a screen more large, while still maintaining a rather discreet technical profile.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance is presented as an interesting option for customers looking for an intermediate smartphone but who want to have some advantages as the functions of the Galaxy range and also a series of developments aimed at accessibility. We see all the details of Samsung Galaxy Core Advance below.

As it is said in the entry, Samsung remains committed to providing its products, including the lower ranges, with large panels. In this case the screen Samsung Galaxy Core Advance stands at a reasonable 4.7 inches, a large surface that provides a good viewing experience without completely sacrificing functionality. The downside is that the resolution does not accompany this increase in size and we see that continuing to distribute 480 x 800 pixels, just a little configuration and density is almost 200 dots per inch.

The design follows the classic line of the range Galaxy, but there are details that make the difference. Samsung has opted for ergonomics and accessibility with the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance, and one of its strategies has been the incorporation of a textured back cover smoothed it is more comfortable to hold and improves grip. The curved shapes of the corners and edges are also designed to make the subject more comfortable and no angles that we nailed on hand.

Another point that Samsung has changed in this product is that the keys are all physical. In part Front buttons find the classic menu, start and reverse, which are now physical and bulky shape makes it easier to use, especially for users with vision problems. But this is not all, on the sides continue to find the usual buttons (volume and rest), but it adds two more: one to be able to perform voice recordings snapshots, the other for shooting the camera. The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance will go on sale in white and dark blue.


The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance has a simple camera that is necessary to obtain images with reasonable quality functions. Its sensor has five megapixels of resolution, so the image size will reach 2,592 x 1,944 pixels max, suitable for viewing on a large screen or print to an intermediate format. The camera is accompanied by an LED flash, very useful for low light situations, and also has other features such as auto focus, geo-tagging, face detection and video recording. Samsung has also included the function Sound & shot, capturing a sound clip with this image, and a feature of voice guidance that helps you frame and says even the number of detected faces in the portrait.

We have already predicted that Samsung has included a dedicated camera key, located on the right side of the chassis. With this piece we can focus and shoot in a similar way as we would in a digital camera, a feature that most practical shooting through the touch screen and greatly facilitates handling. Overall it is a complete camera that will work well in good condition, such as sunny days and good lighting environments. In the front fitted another camera for making video calls, although in this case we are talking about a much smaller resolution (VGA or 0.3 Megapixels).

Turning to the multimedia section we find a good format support audio, video and images, an essential feature on any smartphone. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance has a system for sharing multimedia called Play Group, which operates between Samsung mobile compatible and allows multiple friends to watch the same video at the same time, listen to the same song or watch the same pictures. We also note the record button instant voice and tuner FM radio integrated.

Samsung has not risked in the section of the power and keep the usual configuration in the midrange. The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance processor mounts a dual core 1.2 gigahertz, which offered no details but that could match that of the first edition (Snapdragon S4 cortex-A5 with Adreno 203 GPU). The terminal also has one GB of RAM, once again a correct data that ensures smooth performance without going over.

The storage capacity of this model is still eight Gb, although as it is well known that the end user will have capacity available will be less because the system takes up space. In any case eight Gb enough space to install applications and save some files, but the best would be to store all possible data on a card MicroSD (up to 64 Gb) to avoid saturating the device.

As detailed in its communiqué Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance comes standard with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will come, as always, with the visual layer Touchwiz, reputation of the brand. No clues about a possible update to Android 4.3 or Android 4.4, although we assume that after its launch in 2014 will be one of the candidates to be updated. The terminal has the whole package of functions Google that include services like Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts, Google Maps Store and Google Play. Additionally, Samsung includes its own unique features like voice assistant S Voice, intelligent translator S Translator or easy way for novice users.

In this section it is necessary to highlight a number of special features focused on accessibility. Optical Scan is designed to recognize text through the camera and read the user. It also has a system called Light Sensing that uses the camera to detect the direction of light and brightness and Screen Curtain that lets you use the device with the black screen to ensure privacy and save battery.


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