A new mid-range compact system camera for you

The compact cameras without mirror of interchangeable lenses (CSC) are in fashion, perhaps the only thing they need is a name more catchy. And many of them offer what seemed impossible a few years ago: the image quality and versatility of a DSLR but in much less space and considerably lighter.

This Sony NEX 5T is one of the best examples of what works whether a CSC. It has things that you presuppose a midrange SLR: An APS-C, a good range of lenses and manual controls sensor. But it brings those things that users do not think SLR: mainly very small size wireless connectivity, touch screen and good.

The set is a camera balanced and practical, ideal for the traveler by its small size and weight, and with all the possibilities offered by interchangeable lens camera. It also has a good list of objectives provided by the brand and connectivity options to share photos anywhere. A camera to cover these two aspects that once seemed irreconcilable: making high quality photos and take it anywhere without having to check another bag.

Then we take a thorough look at all the features of this Sony NEX 5T.

The sensor is APS-C type, i.e., the same as found in large number of SLR cameras. This gives us an idea of the quality of image you can get with this camera. It has a size of 23.5 × 15.6 mm and a relatively low resolution: 16.1 megapixels.

But do not be fooled by the latter figure. Having “just” a relatively large megapixel sensor has many more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, the resolution is more than enough for most users. You can get photos up to 4912 x 3264 pixels, so a Print on high quality paper (300 dots per inch) could be as large as 42 x 28 inches. If we are to see the pictures on a monitor or a TV the size is more than enough.

But this low-density photolithography in the sensor has other positive effects: improved noise control and dynamic range expansion. The first helps us make better quality photos when lighting conditions are complicated. The second manages to improve the images with large differences in lighting. The quality of the sensor gives you the first track of the type of house that we have between the hands. At this point, it has nothing to envy to a DSLR camera.

Sony NEX 5T

For an interchangeable lens camera is a good investment we have to make sure that there is a good catalog of lenses behind. Sony currently offers nearly thirty goals range E, which corresponds to this camera. It is a very huge, offering all kinds of lenses for wide-angle situations, telephoto, zoom lenses, macro or fisheye. The offer has been extended so that there are already similar lenses but with different qualities and prices.

Another advantage is that the camera can also have the objectives of SLR cameras from Sony, that if, using an adapter. It’s an interesting choice if you seek a very specific, or for those who already own a Sony camera and want to leverage their goals lens.

With a sensor like that of an SLR and the possibility of having interchangeable lenses, the big differences are in design and weight. The Sony NEX 5T has a modern look, fleeing the vintage style that is so popular in this segment. It’s small, but it has a grip on the right side of the handle provides a good grip.

The set works much better with specific lenses for these cameras (E range), because if the objectives of SLR are used can decompensate a bit. The size lets you carry a camera in my pocket without too much effort, but what makes a difference to the photographer at the end of the day is the weight. There are 218 grams, very far from the 800 or more of a DSLR.

The back of the camera is occupied by a TFT touch screen three inches diagonal. With a resolution of nearly a million points, lets you view photos and framing we do we will do with ease and precision. This helps make the display phone. You can get up to 180 degrees on it. Thus, we can fit from odd angles, like from the ground or waist. Rotate 180 degrees lets you take self portraits with ease.

The key to the connectivity of the Sony NEX 5T is in the WiFi and NFC. To take advantage of this feature you must have a smarphone we can link the camera. The NFC enables the process is really easy, you just need to bring the two devices and are recognized within seconds. Also works with TVs that have this function.

Once you have connected the phone to the camera they pass supplemented. We can use the phone as a secondary display for taking pictures or videos, changing the parameters of the picture as the focus or shutter speed. We can also easily transfer photos from the camera memory to the phone, and through the 3G connection, share them on social networks, email or clouding platforms.


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