The new G Data Antivirus incorporates some features that enhance the performance of the program

G Data renews its line of products for the user with a new version of its basic solution G Data Antivirus. This solution uses technologies G Data CloseGap to protect users from threats both known and those that have not been made public yet. It also has a specific module to protect the user against dangerous banking Trojans. This module has been enhanced with a supplement that protects against attacks that spy keystrokes to steal information and access to banking and other sensitive information. But probably the most interesting development of this platform is a tool designed to avoid known exploits. These threats take advantage of security gaps found both in the operating system and various programs to serve as a gateway to malware. We tell you all the details on the new G Data Antivirus, is available for a starting price of 25 euros for a computer and a year of use.

Started by developments this year has come to the platform of G Data. The most important is the anti-exploit module. This is a specific tool that protects against threats that attempt to exploit security holes in operating systems and programs. Very often, these holes remain close, either because users have not installed the latest security patches, because the company has not yet released an effective solution or because we are using an outdated version of the system or a program.

For example, some time ago one was found a hole in Internet Explorer this guy was dangerous. Microsoft had to release a specific patch for Windows XP even though this system does not fall within any updates normal security company. The anti exploit G Data works in the background tracking system vulnerabilities. If you find one close to the exploits can not function as a gateway to malware. This tool is a very useful supplement, but that does not mean we should forget about our programs and update the system.

Another novel aspect of this platform is a tool that specifically protects against attacks called keyloggers. These malicious programs are able to spy and record the movements we perform on the keyboard and then send this information to cybercriminals. Its dangers are clear: if you enter on the keyboard sensitive information on our bank account, credit card or other personal information, this information may be used against us. The tool against keyloggers is combined with the module G Data BankGuard (discussed below) to create one of the most complete protections against market and effective banking attacks.

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Today, the two great pillars that highlight the security solutions G Data are CloseGap and BankGuard. In the case of G Data CloseGap, we talk about an evolution double engine search of the German company. The company has transformed this concept into a hybrid that combines the usual protection protection through virus signature (with the information that is collected from the various threats that are discovered in the network) with a series of proactive protection tools. These tools analyze suspicious behavior of the system and block before unknown threats may cause damage to the equipment. Surely this is a more dynamic approach that is continually evolving and enhancing the effectiveness of antivirus.

In addition, G Data BankGuard is a module dedicated specifically to protect users so banking attacks. Its use is to prevent cybercriminals from eavesdropping on communications between the user and the browser (attacks called man-in-the-middle). This communication is the weak link for many times hackers penetrate, and no matter how safe you are online platforms of banks since the data are stolen before they reach the bank. With the advent of the module to protect the keyloggers, G Data stands as one of the most reliable (if not more) dangerous banking Trojans against alternatives.

G Data Antivirus provides several features to protect the user and managing computer security. For maximum protection, it is recommended that function enabled real-time protection. This feature analyzes the actions performed in the system for viruses and threats. We also have web protection. This feature constantly scans the links to be open for possible malicious sites (if you open a page disreputable warn us) and blocks those files that may contain malware. Another feature we have is the protection antiphishing, i.e., with those pages that attempt to impersonate the real portals companies or associations but actually are designed by cybercriminals. This protection is extended banking Trojans through the module G Data BankGuard and protection against keyloggers. Finally, we also have email scanning to prevent malware from downloading.

As it is normal for a virus, we can perform at any time a system scan for threats. The analysis can be of the entire team (both hard drives and USB keys or other removable media). We can also choose a specific folders and files or focus the analysis on the so-called rootkits. A good choice for our backs is to create a boot medium for the program to scan your computer files around the computer starts (if infection occurs). Finally, G Data Antivirus includes a tool to delay the implementation of the processes that start when the system boots. This feature will make the PC is turned faster, but less useful in Windows 8 (which has its own tool to manage system startup).

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