A new fantastic HD TV model Samsung F9000

The ultra high definition is here. Samsung ahead again and brings to your living room with the model Samsung F9000, a TV of 65 inches which will become the star of the room. With a minimalist design and four times the full HD resolution, you can experience TV experience with an amazing level of detail. It also includes the latest interface of Samsung Smart TV 2013.

This platform features a recommender that learns your preferences to show our favorite shows and a number of apps with which to complete a unique experience. Control your TV with mobile, with voice or even with hand movements. Naturally, like any high-end model and generation, this Samsung F9000 has come on the market at prices for elite minority: 5,000 euros. Here we have our impressions after testing this Samsung F9000, one of the most complete and equipped TVs Marketplace.

Few doubt that the resolution 4K is the future of television. A technology capable of multiplying by four times the resolution of Full HD. View files of this type on the TV Samsung F9000 is simply amazing. The level of detail is reached is huge, and creates the feeling that you get to play places or people just reach out. In addition, the Korean company has introduced a powerful image processor quad core to make the experience very fluid. The problem that exists today is that the supply of content in 4K there is very small.

However, over the months the number of movies, series and other content with ultra high resolution will increase exponentially. To minimize this drawback, television Samsung F9000 incorporates an automatic function to improve the flow of images of lower resolution and display them with a closer look at the 4K, while reducing the noise quality of this content. The result is quite remarkable, but does not become a true substitute for the experience we can get with this resolution.

One of the highlights of the Samsung F9000 is a modern design. The TV has a very thin frame of just over an inch thick and has just four centimeters if we ignore the metallic silver base color. Even with it, the team continues to maintain a very competitive depth of 20 inches, which will place the TV in a cabinet without much depth. Yes, still 65 inches require an important space in the classroom. Out of its fineness, the TV has a very classic design. This panel reaches a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and offers bright and crisp images.


One of the great innovations of this model is the decision of Samsung to move an outer box all connections on the TV. It is an elongated bar that includes numerous ports and connects to the TV. The main reason why Samsung has opted for this solution because there is still no unified standard connectivity in 4K, and to make it easier to upgrade to new equipment connections emerging. Furthermore, the use of a separate box that can facilitate connecting and disconnecting cables (especially when you consider the size of this TV). This is not a very attractive solution, but it is very practical. The only but can wield is that this box is heated very easily, which is inconvenient if you use often or left within reach of children.

In the field of connections, we have a LAN port to connect your computer to the Internet, four HDMI ports, an output RGB, component output for antenna and three outputs. It also includes two USB ports to introduce a memory USB or an external hard drive and view content directly on TV. The TV can also be connected to the network via a connection WiFi.

The Korean company model includes four main ways to bring images to the content that we are seeing. Mode standard for a visualization of a decent outcome for many types of content, so dynamic for scenes with action, so naturally (which we found especially useful in series and programs without much movement) and how film to experience nearest cinema.

In addition, this team also integrates 3D functionality, although this feature has been losing momentum in recent times compared to other features. Anyway, Samsung may have a converter images from two-dimensional to 3D that is at least curious, and having a pretty good performance. Through this, we can enjoy a 3D experience even in images that do not have this feature. Another point that we liked is the ability to display two channels on screen at the same time, thanks to the dual tuner TV.

Today, smart experience that offers Samsung is unparalleled. The company has integrated its latest platform in the 2013 model Samsung F9000. This interface is particularly remarkable for the presence of intelligent recommender, S Recommendator. This is a very useful tool that learns from your preferences and favorite programs and offers recommendations custom. Operation of this recommender is increasingly important as we go through the television.

Meanwhile, the South Korean company has developed a fairly wide range of apps available to enhance the television experience. Among them are some applications that have been around a while in the landscape such as YouTube to see videos of the social network from the living room couch. Also highlights some recent additions like Yomvi, interesting for users who want to enjoy the contents of the app plus with good quality (although a step down from the native quality offered with iPlus). Nor should we forget the weight that may have social networking apps Facebook and Twitter for latest updates at the same time we see our favorite series.


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