How much diversity one can find in Wiko Darknight and Wiko Darkmoon

Wiko is one of the benchmarks in the segment of mobile Android at low prices aimed at users who want a free phone, which is complete and does not cost them too much. This time expanded the offering with the Wiko Darknight, a new proposal with regard to the medium-high range with a very competitive price: 200 euros. It has a panel of 5 inch, 4-core processor and a camera of 8 megapixels.

In a very similar range found the Wiko Darkmoon, which also costs 200 euros and shares many features. Users who want to buy a terminal of this manufacturer may not know for deciding which of these two, we make a comparison to see in detail all their differences.

In Wiko know that large screens are very popular and therefore offer large panels in most of its range. We started with the Wiko Darknight, having a panel of 5 inches with HD resolution and 294 ppi density. Meanwhile the Wiko Darkmoon offers a more compact diagonal (4.7 inches) and has the same resolution, so its density rises slightly to 312 ppi.

As relevant to the design, the two models belong to the same series and Wiko wanted to keep a logical aesthetic language between them. They have a very classic form of rounded edges and corners which helps to better ergonomics when to hold them. They also share materials, resistant glass front and aluminum housing that gives them strength. Their biggest difference at this point is the thickness, where the Wiko Darkmoon wins with a profile of nothing more 7.8 millimetres compared to 9 millimeters of the opponent. Its thinness and get slightly more compact size that is also lighter.

The technical tie in the section of the camera, at least in the main is located in the rear of the chassis. The two have an 8-megapixel BSI sensor, with features like LED flash, auto focus, digital zoom and four increases movie recording HD720p. They also have an advanced application that lets you create animated pictures, enhance portraits, delete objects, images or shoot when the protagonists photo smiling. However their difference comes with the front camera. The Wiko Darkmoon accounts with a secondary sensor 5 megapixels, while the new Darknight conforms with 2 megapixels, which isn’t bad either.

Wiko Darkmoon

We paragraph multimedia and continue to find similar. Both the Wiko Darkmoon and the Darknight allow playing formats for music, videos or photos more common, in addition to sound 3D, a dictation and FM tuner system.

Wiko usually go through intermediate processors for smartphones and in this case the rule is met. The two have chip quad-core architecture with Cortex A7, but the Wiko Darkmoon runs 1.3 Ghz while Wiko Darknight does a 1.2 Ghz. Seeing that also share memory RAM 1 Gb, the difference is minimal as to be noticeable in normal use.

Where we find a notable discrepancy is in storage capacity. At this point the Wiko Darkmoon slouches because it has a depth of only 4 GB, while the new model duplicates with 8Gb. Neither can claim at this point, but certainly 4Gb is anything really scarce. At least both have option to insert a memory card MicroSD (32 GB maximum).

The operating system on both models is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and feature pack basic functions of Google mobile system as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Play Store. In addition Wiko offers the game series Asphalt 7 Heat of the firm Gameloft.

The point of connections is one of the most balanced between smartphones and Wiko and in this case would not be different. The two networks are connected to a 21 Mbps 3G or WiFi whenever possible. They have the WiFi Hotspot that turns them into a kind of portable modem which we can connect other devices. On the other hand they have GPS antenna, Bluetooth 4.0, headphone connector and MicroUSB. At this point include the option to insert two SIM cards so carry two phone lines provided above.

We arrived at the last point of the comparative autonomy. The Wiko Darkmoon has a battery of 1,800 milliamps on that will get you 166 hours on standby, 21 hours 2G talk time and up to 15.8 hours on 3G talk. For its part the Wiko Darknight has a lithium battery 2,000 milliamps and although its duration in idle is higher (216 hours), use the time decreases 14.6 and 10.2 hours depending on whether the connection is used 2G or 3G respectively.

Wiko offers two proposals very similar with the Wiko Darkmoon and Wiko Darknight, the two large screens midrange and a free price of 200 euros. In favor of the Wiko Darkmoon we find its thinner and lighter, the front camera of 5 Megapixels and a softer, more autonomy. However the capacity of 4 Gb stays fairly close. The Wiko Darknight is not as thin, but its screen is a bit larger and has greater internal capacity, which we believe is the key to raise it above its opponent pro point.


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