Mobile World Congress 2014, phablets and connected featured objects

The Mobile World Congress, the annual high mass mobility, ended in Barcelona, leaving in its wake a plethora of announcements. The big trend is the large screen smartphones or phablets, as well as bracelets online that play sports coaches. 64-bit processors should appear by the end of the year, while Firefox OS is getting stronger.

This year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) has been the scene of many ads that pose the trends for the year ahead. Screens smartphones ever larger, the rise of the Ultra HD, fashion self-portraits or “selfies” new processors 64-bit… Here are some of the highlights of the 2014 edition. HP, Huawei, LG, Sony, Samsung, ZTE Wiko or all of these brands came to Mobile World Congress with new phablets (contraction of the phone words, phone, and tablet, tablet). This five-inch screen and is becoming a standard and is used for manufacturers to sell more comfortably for recreational or professional use format.

The phablets Featured

The palm of excess returns in China’s Huawei, which introduced the MediaPad X1, a model with a seven-inch (about 18 cm diagonal) screen. Its counterpart ZTE is not left with the Grand Memo II LTE, which shows a six-inch diagonal, making the modest 5.2 inches of new Sony Xperia Z2 or 5.1 inch Galaxy S5. It is a battle that will interfere with its LG G Pro 2 5.9 inches. Even HP, which has so far not been very successful in the segment mobility, decided to propose two phablets six inches (6 VoiceTab Slate) and seven inches (7 Slate VoiceTab). Add to this list an outsider who could play spoilers: it is the French brand Wiko, who unveiled the prototype of a 5.2 inch phablet nicknamed Mazing and should be launched in the coming year.

Connected bracelets landed in strength

One common major high-end smartphones presented in Barcelona is their ability to record videos in HD quality Ultra. This is particularly the case S5 Galaxy, Xperia Pro Z2 and G 2. It remains that to enjoy the Ultra HD quality, you must have a compatible TV… Another marked trend, the presence of many models of cameras front of much better, on average, five megapixels. The objective is to promote the practice of Full HD video conversations, but also to capture the customer self-portraits amateurs, or ” selfies “to resume anglicism fashionable.

Mobile World Congress 2014ww

Initiated at the Consumer Electronic Show earlier this year, the flood of connected objects is more than confirmed the Mobile World Congress. Bracelets and watches connected trackers and sports appeared in most major brands. Samsung has introduced two new versions of its shows connected; the Gear 2 Gear 2 and Neo, which now include a heartbeat sensor. The release is scheduled in April. The Korean company has also introduced the Fit Gear, a strap connected with a curved 1.8 inch screen that can receive notifications and SMS to a smartphone via Bluetooth and serves as a trainer with sensors to meet the frequency and the cardiac performance of the user during sports activities. We should also mention the TalkBand B1 of Huawei, the Sony SmartBand or even signed Lifeband Touch LG.

Of systems on a chip 64-bit by the end of the year

Introduced by Apple on the iPhone 5S, 64-bit architecture for systems on a chip (SoC) for mobile devices should begin to spread from the second half of the year. Qualcomm, the manufacturer of the Snapdragon SoC, is a majority of smartphones top range and shelves, unveiled its 64-bit chips. 610 and 615 Snapdragon using four and eight computing cores directly incorporate a modem 4G/LTE. The first devices with these SoC should come out in the fourth quarter.

Intel is always trying to catch up in the mobile segment, also takes the turn of the 64 bits. American founder came to Barcelona to present the Atom Z3480; the new 64 bit dual SoC heart etched 22 nm. It will equip smartphones and tablets from the second quarter. A quadruple heart version name Moorefield code will be available in the second half. Finally, Marvell has formalized its system on a chip 64-bit Armada PXA 1928. It is designed on an ARM chip quadruple heart and also incorporates a 2G Modem / 3G / 4G. Manufacturers receive the first samples from the next month.

Firefox OS shows its muscles

Launched last year by the Mozilla Foundation, the operating system mobile OS Firefox should soar in the coming months with several models intended. Alcatel has come at the MWC with three smartphones (One Touch Fire C, E and S) and a seven-inch tablet (One Touch Fire 7). Among ZTE, these are two smartphones, the Open II and the Open C, while Huawei will propose its Ascend Y300.

Mozilla has also unveiled a prototype smartphone with a chipset manufactured by the Chinese Spreadtrum will sell only 25 dollars! If Firefox terminals are primarily made in emerging markets, they are also found in Europe, particularly in Germany via Telefónica. Launch in France is not yet on the agenda, but that could change quickly if Firefox OS wins the bet.


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