Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is improved in design

Microsoft has launched its second generation tablet Surface with the operating system Windows 8.1, with the difficult task of sales of this platform empower and serve as a benchmark for other devices arriving in the coming months on the market. The Surface Pro 2 includes several key enhancements that make a team to be reckoned for mobile professionals. For example, it has thinned the tablet to make it more manageable and has enhanced its autonomy, one of the weakest aspects of the previous version. The Surface Pro 2 is available in stores for a starting price of 880 euros.

One of the first things that attract attention of Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is the improvement in the design of this device. The company has achieved some forms thinner and lighter tablet that maintain below kilo weight and allow more time to work with the team in its hands. In addition, its design has been used a cover VaporMg developed by the firm itself and offers a remarkable resistance.

Another point that is received reviews curtain that folds back to act as support. In the previous version there was only one position that was awkward, as it is the Surface 2 there is a second inclined position that is closer to that we would use a laptop. The specific dimensions of this model are 27.46 x 17.30 x 1.35 inches and weight reaches 907 grams.

As for the screen, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 features a powerful panel of 10.6 inches with a resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels and it offers advanced performance at both the response and the brightness reached. In addition, this panel includes Gorilla Glass protection against bumps and falls.

We must also emphasize the importance of covers Microsoft for their tablets. These covers are sold separately and protection as well as function as a keyboard. The main change in this version is found the lighting on the keys, a very useful feature if you usually use the computer on trips or low ambient light. These covers are available in both tactile keyboard and a mechanical keyboard. In our tests we used the touch cover. Although its operation is quite fine, the truth is that you are missing the presence of physical keys, although it is a matter of preference.

Another key element of this is the tablet stylus, an accessory a very high level of accuracy that is useful for professionals who regularly drawings and sketches. It also works as an alternative to handle the operating system Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

In the field of photography, the tablet Microsoft uses two cameras with 720p resolution. These objectives provide acceptable performance but misses launches the first level with Android. Clear that the company is aware that the use of the rear camera on a tablet is less common, since this function is usually to opt for the use of the smartphone.

The professional tablet Microsoft is available in several configurations with memory SSD. There are also versions of greater capacity with a 128 GB memory, 256GB and 512GB. It must be borne in mind that the operating system Windows 8 occupies about 20 GB, which dramatically reduces the space available to store our applications and files (especially if we opt for the version with less capacity).

Despite being a tablet, Microsoft did not want to forget the ability to process and has integrated chip Intel Core i5 fourth generation of Intel chips. Specifically, it is the model Intel Core i5-4200U dual core with a power of 1.6 GHz thanks to Turbo Boost technology, can achieve a maximum power of 2.2 GHz in the times when we need more power. This chip is attached to a memorable RAM 4GB versions 64 GB and 128 GB and 8 GB versions of 256 GB and 512 GB.

Inside this tablet we find the full version of Windows 8.1. An important advantage of productivity level and can be used both apps will store Microsoft as traditional desktop applications. This system update includes several important improvements. For example, it has been renovated store interface to make it more attractive, have introduced numerous customization options and has returned home button to the desktop. The U.S. Company has also included two developments to favor buying the tablet.

On one hand, we can enjoy 200 GB free space on your storage system online SkyDrive for the period of two years. On the other hand, it also offers one year of free calls to landlines in 60 countries through Skype. Among the preinstalled apps featuring Microsoft, highlights the contact app to centralize updates Facebook and Twitter and the app email. We also like OneNote, one of the best tools that have been able to interpret the experience of Windows 8. A security level, we would like to highlight the presence of a chip TPM to add an extra layer of data security team.

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