Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave new good news about money income on Facebook

One more year, Meta will not take any commission from the income of the creators of Instagram and Facebook in certain sectors. In other words, the creators will get the full amount of money earned from certain services.

Mark Zuckerberg said that Meta will not be involved in any kind of revenue sharing till 2024. This addition adds another year to the 2023 announced by Meta a year ago. Meta’s new decision on revenue sharing will apply to paid online events, subscriptions, newsletters, livestream badges, and more.

In other words, the creators will be able to keep the entire money earned in these cases. However, this rule does not apply to Meta’s advertising related revenue from reels and other video products.

Zuckerberg has announced more monetization updates for the creators of the platform. In the in-app tipping system, the Stars feature will be expanded so that more creators can use it. It is also reported that the Reels bonus program will be open to many more users.

In addition to all this, Meta is going to increase support for NFT on Instagram. Meta has been testing this feature on Instagram since last month. This feature will be open to more users, but Meta did not specify for whom this feature is coming.

Meta also announced plans for NFT Integrate soon on Facebook and Instagram Stories. All of the updates mentioned are built on Meta’s huge investment with creator-centric goals in mind.

It’s easy to see that Meta wants to compete with TickTock, so there are so many creator-dependent features coming to the company’s platforms. The creators are helping to create the metaverse of the company’s dream, from which the creators can get up to 46 percent of their income.

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