Mediacom PhonePad Duo X500U is pretty designed sleek and slim equipment invites you to use it

The Mediacom PhonePad Duo X500U is one of the terminals with which the Italian company. It is a terminal of five inches with a set of interesting specifications that place between mid-range handsets. Among them, we would like to highlight the good rear camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels, a quad core to run smoothly menus Android or an internal memory of 16 GB to store our personal files, applications and games. All with a pretty design thin and light that adds an elegant touch.

The Mediacom PhonePad Duo X500U will arrive first in a configuration with casing in blue. This case is similar to touch metal and has a brushed design that helps create a very elegant design. We liked the detail place the logo of the Italian company in the central part of the housing, with a modern and attractive design. Mobile forms are quite square but has slightly rounded corners to make it more comfortable grip.

Another point to note is that the three buttons to open the Options dialog, the main screen are touch and go back, but has been overprinted on them so that icons are always visible. The full dimensions of PhonePad Duo X500U are 72.2 x 143.6 x 8.3 mm and its weight is at 153 grams. To give a comparison, is somewhat lighter than the star terminal HTC One M8 we have also tested these days.

As for the screen, this commitment to a terminal panel with IPS HD resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. The use of this technology allows a brilliant images and viewing angles up to 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Although the level of detail is quite good, it is somewhat short relative to the strongest releases of the market and opts for resolutions Full HD. The response falls short of what one would expect from a terminal above 200 euros, and in the vast majority of the time it works very accurately.

Mediacom did not want to neglect this specification of the terminal, and put at stake a rear camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels. While not great, this objective note meets its mission and has features like Flash, HDR mode and smile detection to improve the final result of the picture. Moreover, in the front we have a target of 5-megapixel for the popular “selfies” that have become a constant in the profiles of social networks. We liked the performance and quality of the front camera, which becomes one of the major attractions are there in this terminal.

Mediacom-PhonePad-Duo-X500U        2

In the field of memory, we have a good capacity of 16 GB to store our personal files and applications. Without being a leading capacity, it may be sufficient in the case of doing a very intense phone usage. Users requiring more space can draw on a memory card MicroSD up to 64 GB. Moreover, the Mediacom PhonePad Duo X500U uses a quad-core processor with a power of 1.3 GHz, which binds to a memory 1GB RAM. Overall, this chip gives a good result both games applications store Android, although the memory of 1 GB you can get to be rather short in the event that we are used to having many apps open at once.

The operating system chosen for this terminal is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This version of the platform Google provides access to a broad universe of applications over one million titles in the official store, but you are missing the Italian company I had opted for the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat, which greatly improves the performance and fluidity.

The added software that has incorporated the brand is quite simple and minimally invasive, so experience with this phone is close to pure Android. few of the details that we use is the logo Mediacom in the central part of the screen (as you can see in the picture above) or a dedicated tool to connect to its wireless input device as it could be a mouse or a keyboard. Finally, we must also pause a moment in the functions “Air Gesture”, these functions enable you to access with a flick on the screen at some main features of the phone and open the camera or WhatsApp.

In the field of connections, the main attraction of this phone is the ability to introduce MicroSIM two cards at the same time. As a result, we can unite in the same terminal two different lines, such as personal and other work. In this case, it is not a terminal support for 4G networks, so we’ll have to settle for networks to connect to high-speed 3G. As usual, also has free WiFi to connect at home, Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate information to compatible devices or GPS to get the browser included with the operating system Android. As we said before, we have a card slot MicroSD up to 64 GB.

As for the media field, one of the points we would most like to highlight is the FM transmitter to listen to the radio. This is an option that is gradually disappearing from several high-end devices, but is useful for users accustomed to listen to the radio regularly. We would also like twisting a spear by earphones, which allow sound transmission with enough quality (and that have nothing to envy of many premium headphones terminals). The screen offers a good performance when displaying images, so this terminal can become a good media player.


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