Making the ringer volume automatically adapts to background noise

We have all been many times we have lost any calls for not hearing the phone ring. There was too much road noise and ambient sound you could include our smartphone. Or we have to walk adjusting the phone volume depending on where we are. We will explain in this article how to make the phone itself that suits the volume of its ringing sound that is on the outside. We are going to get with the help of a new application, called Intellingent Ringer, and you can download for free from the Google App Store. We will see that it is version 1.0.4 of this app, compatible with any device having the version 2.3 of Android or any other higher. It occupies only 210 KB of memory of your mobile phone.

With this app, we are going to stop having to constantly adjust the ringer volume, since it itself will do that it varies according to the level of ambient noise that it detects. After installing the application, you will see that when we run it asks whether you want to activate or terminate the activity. We played Start to make it work. We shall see that at the top of the display places an icon of the app, which tells us that we have running.

Configuring the system

Intelligent Ringer uses the camera’s microphone to detect and measure the noise we have in the atmosphere. According to what measure, determine the volume of the ringing phone before it rings. Moreover, as we shall see, we can also detect if we have the phone in your pocket, and for that it uses the proximity sensor. This sensor assumes on the front of the phone and the system that the terminal is in our pocket when the sensor is covered. But we have the control of the application, we can set the parameters required to indicate how it should work.

Now we have installed on the phone, we will set it up. Open the phone settings menu and found there the settings area in which we will do. We went into Settings, where we will set the values you want. We, too, do not we leave it to us and the application itself to handle the ringer volume. No problem, because it will go Intelligent Ringer setting alone, but what will happen is that it will take time to “learn” the necessary adjustments.


Factor Pocket

The first adjustment we see is the Pocket Factor, which refers to the time when the phone is in our pocket. What will assume that when the application is in the pocket add that factor, which means to increase the call volume. If we set the maximum in this Pocket Factor, the volume of call when we have the mobile in the Pocket will always be full. What makes the system is added to the normal volume levels that we indicate, so that the entrance of the call sounds stronger. Precision Accuracy indicates the accuracy in the measurement of the sound. The higher, the more it will take to process. If we put this very high level, the application can take too long to calibrate and can not act when a call, if it was employed in that measurement.

The sensitivity can be adjusted, also, the sensitivity of the microphone you want to use the application for calibrations. Intelligent Ringer comes with a level of sensitivity default 10, a value that can leave well established as it is used by most of the devices. If we change any calibration of the sound that has made restart. We shall also see that we have the option to launch the application each time we turn on the phone (Start on boot), option that we be oblivious of having to make it work each time. Enabling Pocket Mode function will let me feature enabled pocket for which we have established the parameters above.

Calibrating the system and see on this screen, at the bottom, the manual calibration, you can perform in a manner very simple. Place the phone in noisy environment the application you want and measure the sound level of the ringer adapting to it. To do so, we must touch on Noise and await confirmation that the application will give us after a few seconds. So calibrate an atmosphere in silence we will do the same, avoiding noise. We must bear in mind that if we have the ringer volume set up on our phone (not in the application) in silence or the same vibration activated, Intelligent Ringer does not work. It is best to set the volume at a medium level, something we can do in the settings menu itself our terminal.

We have reviewed a very convenient not to have to be changing the volume control system according to where we are. But not only that: if we go into an area with noise, will be the mobile itself that will adapt and prepare for notifying largest volume of an incoming call. It is the easiest way to avoid losing calls.


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