How to make your travel videos not bored everyone

With summer comes the fever to record videos of holiday, but summed up the history of a journey is not as simple as it may seem, especially if you use the mobile camera. With minimal planning, learning some art using some other accessory and certain amount of creativity is not as difficult to get a good video that do not bore anyone who would teach.

The first thing to be clear is what we have. Many summer videos merely show a succession of places we have visited, which is often quite boring. That’s a good idea to change the chip and structure our film as a travelogue, something to help us better plan the end result. Every day can be a chapter with several scenes and each one tells a story, whether a train or the atmosphere of a festival.

Each scene is relatively convenient to have several short shots to give momentum to the narrative. It also comes well flee the sequence shot, because the danger of recording a clip bored as long as you run. If for example we filmed a scene in which we show a landscape, in addition to the typical sweep panorama capture other planes come in handy. In them we can tell how we got to this place or the people in it. While you should always try not to film to film, but if you really think we shot brings something of interest.

The best ‘apps’ to edit videos

If you use an iPhone, great application for creating scenes is Spark Camera. Its main virtue is the tremendous ease with which it allows you to record and edit videos as we will very clearly indicating the length of the shots in the scene you’re shooting. Yes, the scene time limit is set to 45 seconds. While that may seem a limitation actually an advantage as well avoids one of the main problems with non-professional videos: the excessive length of the different clips that compose it.

Spark Camera also allows add any video footage stored on the phone. Another feature we liked is that stabilizes images we capture, but that it succeeds at the expense of reducing the resolution of Full HD video to standard Hd. But the result is so good that it almost does not let hacks use a tripod. It also allows us to shorten or delete the plans that do not convince us and change the order in which they appear in the scene. Finally we can add color filters, change the volume and add a soundtrack.

In Android we have failed to find a similar application, but instead we can group the different planes to create the scene with an editor such as V-Edit. This has the advantage that allows us to create multiple projects, which will be very useful to associate a project to each scene. Additionally, the application allows you to save different planes directly without having to leave it.

How I can use mobile zoom?

Another very important thing to achieve a quality video is that it is not convenient to use the digital zoom because camera images are quite resentful. The only phones that can record using this function are some Nokia PureView technology; Samsung Galaxy K Zoom; and Sony Xperia Z1, Z2 and Z1 Compact. With any other, to approach and move away from the different reasons we record, we will play to move the legs.

It will also be good to memorize some of the types of film planes to improve our technique when shooting. At least should learn to use the main three: generally, the middle ground and foreground. If we insert these we will see how our videos look much better. Another useful composition technique to avoid crooked planes is the line of the horizon.


Although it should move to find the right frame, once we have achieved the best is stand still when recording, as if we were taking a picture, since it is not desirable for the mobile to vibrate. If we move to sweep the movement should try not bounce. There is nothing worse than a video to tide you see it. That is inadvisable record as we walk. Nor is it a bad idea to use a small lightweight tripod pocket that can carry everywhere.

Yes, we know that it is decided to shoot video with the phone rather than a camera does it for comfort and to go a little luggage. But there are tripods that fit in your pocket and do not take up much more space than a pen. We can even use a water bottle as a tripod because there plugs with a tripod screw that can be used in combination with an adapter for mobile.

Caring sound in our assemblies

Although some applications like Camera Spark said have a system for image stabilization software, Android we can use several applications that accomplish this, as ICS Camera. Although perhaps even the native camera application we use phone supports this functionality. In any case it would be ideal to have a camera phone optical stabilizer; a feature that can be found in a handful of high-end phones like the LG G3 appeared recently.

To perform the final assembly of the different scenes we can use one of many publishers that exist for mobile phones. If you use an iPhone are two good options iMovie and Pinnacle Studio. The latter is quite advanced. If we use a mobile with Android we can assemble the result with said V-Edit application or use more advanced one as VideoShow.

One aspect that cares is also key sound. We can consider, for example, we can talk while recording shots to tell what we are showing a fairly resource used in documentaries. If not we are good at something and the background noise does not add to the recording can lower the volume of this, or even eliminate, and add a soundtrack. Although we can also add voice recording off to mount the video, which is possible with video editors we have mentioned.

To find music that we can freely use a good option is to look to the finder of Creative Commons. It is important to note this because if we want to spread our video on social networks and use copyright-protected music can have legal problems. In fact, Youtube is even capable of detect when we are using a soundtrack without a license.

Finally, we must consider when putting a credit titles our video it is best not to use a font too strident. Nor should we spend with the size of the font. It is best to choose the minimum size that is readable on the mobile screen, because when it comes to display video on a large screen they can end up looking huge. If we have used licensed music Creative Commons some author will surely include the topic title and author’s name at the end of the video.


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