Make a choice between Sony Xperia M and Sony Xperia L

Sony has a wide range of smartphones midrange, such as the Sony Xperia M and Sony Xperia L. Both terminals have relatively compact screens compared to the more advanced models of the brand. They also have dual core processors and cost less than $ 200, certainly one of their most important advantages. We do a comparison of these two models.

As mentioned, the midrange terminals usually have more compact screens and the two models analyzed responds to this idea. The Sony Xperia M is the most compact of the two, with a screen of four inches diagonally having resolution FWVGA (854 x 480 pixels) and a density of 245 ppi. The Sony Xperia L rises slightly and the bar screen stays at 4.3 inches, a size that is still pretty tight to be comfortable handling, but at the same time offers a wider viewing experience. The screen of this model has the same resolution, so the low concentration of pixels at 228 dots per inch.

The design of the Sony Xperia M and Sony Xperia L is based on the line Arc Sony, noted for having a curved back cover inwards, giving it a more dynamic look. The Sony Xperia M is a bit more compact and lighter than its opponent and is for sale in white, black, green and purple. The Sony Xperia L can be obtained in white, black and red. Both feature an LED that tells us if we have notifications pending.

The Sony Xperia L the award for best camera takes because it has a sensor Exmor RS of eight megapixels. This system is designed to take pictures in low light and keep out sharp and clear as possible, plus it avoids the appearance of the noise effect. The Sony Xperia M sensor has a five megapixel that does not have this technology, a suitable piece to a mid-range smartphone but in this case is behind its opponent. Despite the difference in the sensor, the functions that accompany it are very tight. We talked about the LED flash, autofocus, so HDR, face detector, recording HD720p videos and even a front camera resolution VGA (0.3 megapixel).

They are also very even in the media profile in both formats compatible as additional functions. Both have the suite Sony Entertainment Network, the certificate PlayStation, the music player Sony Walkman, FM radio with RDS and improved sound xLOUD.


Again witnessing a power tie and it is both feature a dual-core processor operating at 1 GHz frequency and is supported by 1 GB of memory RAM. This is a set configuration, but do not forget that we are talking about two basic smartphones, so you can not require them more. However, the processor provides fluid handling and proper execution of the routine tasks. On the other hand, the Sony Xperia M internal memory is only 4 GB, in contrast to the 8 Gb available in the Sony Xperia. What do coincide is in the MicroSD card slot that accepts drives of 32 Gb additional.

Just as the rest of the Xperia range, both models come standard with the operating system Android. The Sony Xperia M is updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, while the Sony Xperia L is on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but no significant differences too. Both come with their own branded interface and all native applications Google. Just turn them ask you to enter your Google account (you can create a new one if we have any) to enjoy features like Gmail. Google Drive, YouTube, Google Maps or Google Navigation among others.

Both models feature a comprehensive profile connection, though none of them is compatible with 4G mobile networks. Instead, we can connect to the Internet from anywhere using standard 3G, allowing us to navigate to 21 Mbps. Moreover there is a port WiFi is also the system WiFi Hotspot to share the connection with other devices like tablets or computers. Following the listing found the system connectivity DLNA, a chip NFC antenna GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, MicroUSB jack and headphones.

Although the two have a battery of 1,750 milliamps, its components are not the same and energy consumption varies, so too does the autonomy. Sony says the Sony Xperia M can be on for more than 10 hours in conversation and even 498 hours at rest. The Sony Xperia L supports eight thirty hours of use and matches while at rest.

The similarities between the Sony Xperia M and Sony Xperia L are many, in fact there are very equal in points as power, media profile, autonomy and even connections. The Sony Xperia L gets you ahead in important sections like camera photos, the memory and the screen. The Xperia M, however, has a version of Android a little new. The price is also very tight, with a difference of only 25 euros, so the Xperia L is emerging as the most attractive option.


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