The Lumia 930 has come as a terminal powerful and capable

The Finnish manufacturer Nokia already has a new flagship. And it is that with the arrival of a new version of the operating system Microsoft had to be a flagship device. That is the Nokia Lumia 930. And that is a high-end device with features that can be compared with a digital camera and harnessing the potential that gives Windows Phone 8.1, which already comes standard on this terminal. All of those betting on the metal as a material without neglecting issues such as wireless charging or surround sound.

Going into detail with the screen, one of its strengths must speak on a panel of five inches. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 has the perfect size for the average user who does not want a great terminal to transport in any situation and anywhere. Since it can not be otherwise on a high-end, has a resolution Full HD, showing images at 1080 pixels and display technology ClearBlack and OLED. All these questions get really detailed display images with sharp colors and, most importantly, able to be appreciated even in broad daylight. All accompanied by extra features such as brightness control, wide angle to be visible from different angles and other issues featuring material Corning Gorilla Glass 3, among which its strength.

The objective of the Nokia Lumia 930 is arguably the most remarkable aspect of the terminal. And its camera rivals face to face with objectives digital camera market. It is an objective technology PureView 20 megapixel mounted on six lenses of the prestigious Carl Zeiss and optical image stabilizer. These features make it suitable for high resolution content and professional sharpness and detail. And it has an aperture of f/ 2.4 which offers a brightness sensor that, in this model, has a size of 1/2, 5 inches. Which is collecting a lot of information and detail for sharp pictures and bright even when lighting conditions are not ideal? Something that Nokia already had accustomed but improved with these features and dual LED flash built with this objective.

The device Nokia Lumia 930 has been presented during the event Bulid 2014 of Microsoft as a powerful and flexible terminal. And that is leading the new phase of the operating system Windows Phone 8.1. To move all the possibilities this entails the device has been loaded with a processor quad core capable of moving at a speed of 2.2 GHz. A chip that belongs to Qualcomm and that you may discern the connoisseurs know that it is Model Snapdragon 800. And is that it relies on an internal memory of 2 GB of RAM, which provides agility to perform the calculations and cut as much as possible those heavy load times that can cloud the user experience.

Nokia Lumia 930

In terms of its ability or memory, the model comes with a space of 32 GB to be used massively pleasure. Although, if it is still a small space (especially considering it does not come completely empty), you can use 7GB cloud Microsoft, the renowned OneDrive, or expand with memory cards MicroSD up to 128 GB. More than enough to carry your all music, videos, movies and documents required.

In the section of the list are broad applications. And do not forget that the concern for supply Nokia with tools that take full advantage of its terminals. To name a few, those tools is a remarkable photograph as Refocus Nokia, Nokia Camera, Glam Me Nokia, Nokia or Nokia Storyteller or Nokia Panorama among others. But it also has other basic tools like Papyrus to take notes, the toolkit of Office to create and review documents, tables and presentations; or even sports applications as Adidas MiCoach.

A device like the Nokia Lumia 930 comes ready to give useful in all situations. Starting with the SIM card, the terminal uses a model Nano, the smallest known. It also has a port Micro-USB port plus another USB 2.0. Perhaps a more advanced model (3.0) takes hacks to get the maximum possible speed data transmission. Beside that also has an integrated sensor Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting accessories of all types and port 3.5mm audio headphone jack.

Of course, also have a WiFi antenna and, most notably, LTE connection. Or what is the same, connection line High-speed Internet is already being implemented around the world and in this terminal allows you to download files at speeds up to 150 Mbps.

As for battery, Nokia Lumia 930 must talk about several points. Firstly, it is a battery with a capacity of 2420 mAh. It is a more remarkable for terminal five inch figure. This will involves a range of up to 23 days in standby 15.5 hours of talk over 3G or 7.5 hours playing video. The other issue of this battery is that it comes ready for wireless charging, no special cases or other connectors. By standard Qi wireless chargers can be used to avoid the use of cables.

Meanwhile, the availability of Nokia Lumia 930 will be global, but staggered as its first point of sale Europe, Asia, Middle East and India. All this in four different colors: green, orange, white and black.


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