Lovers of big screens find two interesting choices at the Acer Liquid S1 and Acer Liquid S2

The Taiwanese firm Acer is well known for its line of laptops and why S2 work as phone manufacturer is still in the background. However in Acer have very complete and interesting smartphones even have a line tablet phones that rival the top brands to have very advanced components. The Acer Liquid S1 and Acer Liquid S2 offer high benefits, among which notably a wide screen and also the unique features of Acer. Below we review all the qualities of them and also the differences between these two models.

As mentioned, the big screen is the protagonist in both cases, but there are clear differences. The Acer Liquid S1 has a panel of 5.7 inches that develops a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, or what is the same, HD. The density in this case is 257 dpi, which ensures images with good detail. The Acer Liquid S2 ups the ante in size and resolution, in particular talk about six inches and FullHD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) which translates into a density of 368 ppp. The difference in sharpness is evident and if in the first case the points that form the images can be distinguished with the Acer Liquid S2 will be impossible unless we use a microscope or a magnifying glass of increase.

The two terminals are moving into dangerous territory in terms of size and dimensions are anything but manageable. It is noteworthy that despite the difference in size of the panel, the total is approximately just millimeters, noting that they have girded more edges in the Acer Liquid S2. The design of the new model is also more streamlined and smoothed forms and pleasant.

The Acer Liquid S1 has a coarser line of square corners, although both have a curved rear housing that best suits your hand. As we said two terminals is very large which will be somewhat complex to handle with one hand or storing in a pocket. Poser size also influences the weight, the Acer Liquid S1 is dangerously close to 200 grams, but the Acer Liquid S2 surpasses spare.

Both cameras feature full photos, but again the Acer Liquid S2 wins the battle. The big Acer has a main sensor megapixel thirteen, which has been built with technology BSI to ensure a good response in low light situations. Their lens with a focal length of 28 mm also ensures good light penetration through its f/2.2 aperture. Following the lighting, when it is scarce you can dip into the LED flash, although in this case we should speak in plural because the Acer Liquid S2 integrates four LEDs around the lens, like a ring.


This increases the power, but also practical for pictures of small details (Macro) and they are perfectly lit. Another point in its favor is the package of unique features, such as Quick First Shot which allows a photo quickly from the lock screen. But its star role in this section is the video recording in 4K resolution at 24 fps or FullHD at 60 fps to create slow motion effect.

On the other hand the Acer Liquid S1 has an eight-megapixel BSI sensor, with standard LED flash and recording FullHD video. The lens is also 28 millimeters, but the opening is a little wider (f/2.0). In this case the functions are reduced to trigger voice, saying the key works to shoot without touching the phone photo word, and also a smile detector. It emphasizes that the two have a wide-angle front camera of two megapixels of resolution.

Finally, there is talk of sound, a point at which the Acer Liquid S2 again advanced to integrate the system Dolby Digital and a powerful speaker in the rear. The Acer Liquid S1 has sound DTS and both have a tuner FM radio.

Although the two have a quad-core chip, there is a noticeable difference between the two. The Acer Liquid S1 takes a processor Mediatek Cortex A7, operating at 1.5 gigahertz and one Gb RAM. This chip is typical of mid-range devices and yet offers smooth performance, architecture does not allow you as quickly as its opponent run. Acer has thrown in the pool with the Acer Liquid S2 to embed a 800 to 2.2 gigahertz Snapdragon, one of the fastest time and is further supported by mobile processor two GB of RAM.

In terms of storage capacity, we also see that it has improved in the Acer Liquid S2, which integrates a background of 16 Gb compared with 8Gb of first model. Both cards accepted MicroSD, but the new model wins again to offer support for units 128 GB maximum.

The hardware-level differences are obvious, but we got the software and both meet. Both the Acer Liquid S1 as the Acer Liquid S2 are shipped with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and have the package Acer functions, among which the interface Float multitasking UI. They also come equipped with Acer Docs, cloud access company manager or data traffic. Despite this similarity, the most advanced components Acer Liquid S2will make the user experience is much more fluid and complete. Of course they also have the functions of Google package.


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