A Look Into the Future: Possible Technologies That Could Come to Fruition within 20 years

The world of technology and what the industry has in line for us next is unpredictable.
Without regard to this, there is an incalculable amount of technology developments that we are hoping for or that we expect.

Over the past few years, there has been an insane amount of beneficial and compelling technologies that have had an immense impact on society.

With all this in mind, we sit and wonder what could possibly come next?

Bio Technology
For years there has been small improvement ideas for those people that are living with hands and fingers that only partially work.
The Bionic Hand device is something that is currently in process and has been tried and tested to find positive results. This device needs no surgery to get it working only the pure energy of the brain.

The hand is installed with a mechanical device that controls the movement of the fingers through the brain, making the bionic hand an amazing solution for those that need it.


Visual Search Technology
It is already pretty outstanding to be able to find any information you need with a click of a button and a few keyword searches. In spite of this, the new way of searching is currently in process. Visual search technology is a method that will allow us to take photographs of something straight from our mobile devices and we will instantly be given information about the subject. Google Goggles is the app that will hopefully supply this feature for us within the next 20 years!

Laser Pens
In the next decade there has been predictions for the next amazing invention. This portable laser pen would have the power to heal wounds and stitch the wounded skin back up. Laser healing has been said to be even quicker than any other medication and will also be safe. These portable laser pens will be perfect for carrying around and using in outdoor situations!

High Speed Internet
Many internet broadband services can be increasingly annoying when trying to do things quickly. The new ideas for the future are to maximize the speed of the internet so that Europe get super speedy connection like Asia does!

Dream Linking
Eventually, there will pillows made of a conducting fiber that will be able to read when a person is in the dream state of their sleeping sequence. It will incredibly also be able to read what a person is actually dreaming about.

The best part of it all is that there will be the ability to actually link two people in the dream state, to a joint dream that they can then interact within – amazing!

Video Tattoos
In years to come, it will be possible to have video projections tattooed on your body! The electronic display will be on a thin piece of membrane that will be attached to your skin.

Also, electronic makeup will become available in the future which would require users to just wipe it onto the face and then choose what kind of makeup they want.

Polymer muscles are muscles that are much stronger than normal human muscles. After some years, we will have enough money to create clothes that have these types of muscles embedded into them – essentially giving users superhuman strength! Superheroes could actually be real in the future!

Active Skin
The tiniest skin cell electronic capsules will be able to sink into the skin and record any sensations we feel that are associated with the nerve signals. This means that any sensations recorded will be able to be replayed and re-lived at any point during our lifetime! So impressive!


Super Batteries
There is a lot of money at the moment going into the development of batteries and how much charge there is in all our everyday batteries.

Technology experts are looking to increase the power in batteries for all kinds of sources. There are hopes that new batteries won’t even need to be re-charged!

Flexible Screen
The future will give us mobile phones that bend around and curl up small enough to fit in our smallest pockets! Flexible screen technology will allow the screen to show all the same data and information it usually would but at a more convenient size!

Self – Repairing Computer
Experts have created a self-repairing computer that will instantly repair itself from viruses and bugs. It will be able to easily recover data that has been corrupted making this a very handy invention.

There are already small models of robots and robots that do incredible things. By 2020 there will be highly developed robots with the capability to do the same things humans can do. They will be able to be bought as cleaners, friends or even teachers!

Basically, the world in 20 years will be a lot like how it is now except it will have phones that are jam packed with new apps, laptops with insane features and robots that are just like human beings.

Many of the things we have mentioned need a lot of funding. Therefore, it could be a while until the economy is improved to get these things on the go!

Do you have any more predictions for the future?? Let us know in the comments


This blog was first written by Rachel Jensen  on behalf of  Cloud Solutions , the Google apps specialists.


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