Loewe New Art in-depth analysis

The TVs Loewe New Art notable for its refined design and numerous features. The German brand has updated its catalog with these screens that offer multiple installation possibilities. There are various optional brackets for wall or on the ground, but also furniture desktop. In addition, the user can choose from four color variants of the housing, to match perfectly with the style of decoration. The New Art is available in various sizes: 60 inches (152 cm), 50 inches (127 centimeters) and 40 inches (98 centimeters).

Connected TVs are able to access the internet and other wired or wireless networks. These screens LED LCD offers a resolution Full HD and can display stereoscopic three-dimensional (3D). The chapter of the multimedia content is well covered. They can record TV programs via USB. You can play videos from the Internet and listen to online radio stations. They can also serve as photos, videos and music from a computer or other device in a home network. Nor need the access control application for converting an iPhone or an iPad into an advanced remote.


Products Loewe is recognized worldwide for its design, always elegant. This time, the series New Art brings a classic look to screens yet contemporary. The frame finish is bright, and the buyer can choose from four colors for the housing that best match your decor. You can opt for the black or silver chrome, or choose the white or brown mocha. The TVs are factory equipped with a table stand can rotate plastic plus / minus 20 degrees horizontally and tilt can be adjusted between 1 degree and more minus 5 degrees.

Besides, in the catalog are listed as optional accessories, multiple media table, floor and wall specially adapted for this family of TVs. For example, there are three different brackets for mounting on the wall, and a full cabinet rack type in different versions and sizes. There is also a floor stand, pedestal type, whose height is adjustable.

Loewe New Art in-depth analysis


The panel LCD of Loewe New Art is backlit by LEDs, and ambient light sensor is responsible for regulating the brightness according to the conditions in the room. With an aspect ratio 16:9, offer a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels (Full HD). The viewing angle is 176 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. The processing is digital for all signals. They are compatible with 24p playback (at 24 frames per second, as in the film). The refresh rate of 200 Hz works includes various image enhancement technologies. They can show three-dimensional stereoscopic images with the active 3D system, 3D shutter glasses are on sale for 90 euros. They also have a video converter 2D to 3D.

The user can change the look between 16:9, 4:3, pan and zoom. Those who want to play video games on the TV want to know the response time of the panel, which is 4 ms (milliseconds) for the Loewe New Art 60-inch, 8 ms for 50-inch, and 6 ms for 40-inch . These television series New Art have multiple TV tuners: Freeview HD, Freeview, satellite (DVD-S2), Cable (DVB-C), and analog. To this must be added the tuners FM and AM radio.

Sound and Multimedia

The German Audi engineers have not neglected the sound. The Loewe New Art features two speakers with an enclosure. These televisions offer stereo sound with an output power of 20 W for 2 models 60 and 50 inches, which is halved in the case of the model with a diagonal of 40 inches. The user has various settings for sound, can be adjusted to suit your taste and content, sound effects. You can also adjust the bass and treble independently. Moreover, the functions of automatic volume control handles are homogeneous levels when changing channels or advertising enters.

These connected TVs have a port Smart Ethernet and Wi-Fi integrated. From the point of view of multimedia content are quite complete. Bring a web browser pre installed, and let you view Internet video streaming. And listen to online radio stations is easy. Besides, you can play movies, photos and music from a computer and from other devices that are part of a home network.


As one would expect in a high-end products, the Loewe New Art have extensive connectivity. They have four digital video inputs HDMI, for sources such as a Blu-ray player, a game console, a laptop and a decoder, for example. In the section of analog video, has a scar, mini connector, that requires the use of an adapter, the manufacturer sells one for 25 euros. Also includes an A / V and VGA (mini) to connect a computer. On the audio, it has a digital audio output coaxial and a headphone output and the users are not going to lack ports USB to prick memory sticks, portable hard drives, MP3 players and other devices, and incorporating three.

By the way, you can record TV programs via USB on an external hard drive. Furthermore, if you have a memory key or portable hard drive connected via USB, you can enjoy time shift function, used to pause a TV program and resume it later at the same point where you left off. To pay TV is the common interface slot (CI).


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