If you like the series, consider installing these apps

Since some time ago, the new TV series international have joined the boat of the big Hollywood productions. Today each chapter of these blockbusters has the quality of a big budget film. The new TV series has so much impact that big players have opted for the small screen in the last few years, not only by contributing their share in the interpretations, but also carrying millions of fans.

To cope with the period from one season to the next, a good alternative is to use some of the apps available, with which you can enjoy progress, photographs, infographics and behind the scenes of each of the productions.


The large number of series that projects currently makes it impossible for fans to remember the day and time of screening of a new episode. To prevent this from becoming a problem, it is recommended to use one of the many programs for smartphones that lets out a full agenda with the favorite series for each user.

While there is a long list of such apps, recommend TV Forecast, available for iPhone. In addition to displaying information about many series allows adding that continue week after week to then show how much failure for the issuance of the next episode and the next season. Another interesting option is X Series Guide to Androiod, which works similar to TV Forecast, indicating when the next chapters are issued and also allows tick those episodes already seen. Both apps are commercial.

In the free category you can choose to register with Miso (http:/gomiso.com), a social network for fans of the TV series. In addition to scheduling the already seen episodes of favorite series, allows you to share information with Facebook and Twitter contacts.

Another interesting option that takes something away from the above is the application of the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base). Installing this application will be available full casting favorite series, view full photo galleries and closely observe the work of other actors and directors.


Besides organize chapters, many major TV series have apps that allow users to enjoy extra material. Here are some highlights:

Dead Yourself. The official app of The Walking Dead series is available for iPhone and Android. Once installed you can access photos of production and every main character, but the spirit of this program lies in taking snapshots that will be lookeadas as zombies to share them with the community.


Bates Motel. As announced at the end of each episode, the series acts as the prequel to the Hitchcock classic Psycho, has its own official app for iPhone and iPad. The program allows you to see when the next episode will air and access to backstage production for extra material. Another interesting option is to follow the official Twitter account of the series (@ insideBates), where all the news are announced.

The Big Bang Theory. With seven seasons in tow, The Big Bang Theory has become one of the most popular among the followers of the technology, science and humor. The collection of available apps is very interesting and among the highlights are developed by several fans (you work on different platforms) and for viewing the list of events, photographs and extra material. They are also the app Sheldon Cooper, letting you hear the most famous phrases of the character, and Big Bang Theory Sound Quotes with citations of all players.

Breaking Bad. One of the most acclaimed series in recent times can not make water on apps. Within the collection of important programs, highlighting Official Breaking Bad Fans (for Android), which acts as a meeting point for fans of the series, featuring much artwork, and Breaking Bad Game: The Cost of Doing Business, a novel Graphic for iPhone and Android in which the reader will have to make decisions in different parts of the adventure.

Glee. The famous teen series has an interesting game called Tap Tap Glee (available for iOS and Android), where the participant must touch the chords you see on the screen in the style Guitar Hero. In addition, the program includes three free to listen and offers the ability to buy extra tracks fifty songs.

Two and a Half Men. After a complete change of character (Charlie Sheen to Ashton Kutcher), fans of this unique comedy have not diminished. To enjoy extra content, a recommendation is to install 2 Half Men, an app for iOS and Android that lets you enjoy videos with the most memorable moments of the series, in addition to news and pictures.

Mad Men. Located in the 60s, this popular series has won several Emmy awards. True to its history, the official app for iOS, Mad Men Cocktail Culture, proposes to convert an experienced bartender to its users, showing how the most delicious drinks of the era are prepared.

Game of Thrones. Among the various apps out there, one of the most popular is a game of questions and answers in which the participant must respond on the protagonists of the popular HBO series and locations of the seven kingdoms.


With the advent of smart TVs, users can enjoy one of the most important features offered by these new devices and get content on demand.

In addition to issuing movies service Netflix (available in the country from September 7, 2011; www.netflix.com) offers a large collection of the most popular series, as Breaking Bad, Sherlock (which premieres its new season this month), Lost, Heroes and The Shield, as well as some very good quality own productions. An example of this is the number of vampires and werewolves Hemlock Grove, which Netflix has already announced its second season.

It also highlights House of Cards, nominated for Emmy Awards as best drama series, Orange is the new Black and some new bets that arrive in the coming months as Sense 8 of the Wachowski brothers, Turbo and FAST, the first production Dreamworks Animation to Netflix. Besides several series and superhero announced an agreement signed with Marvel in late 2013.

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