Life is Moving On!! Mobile Commerce

M-Commerce or mobile commerce means of buying and selling products and other services through handheld devices like telephone, mobile, laptops etc. It uses information technology and communication technologies for the business purpose or to conduct commercial transactions online. It allows the user to interact with other by accessing internet without needing to find a place to plugin. Now the businessman can move his business to mobile phones.

Have you ever think about it? Now it’s a perfect time to move on.

Mobile commerce follows you wherever you go which makes possible to communicate with others. The devices we use to access internet are becoming too personal to us like pocket devices. We all know about e-commerce through which a person can buy anything sitting at home using internet. Now a day, mobile companies invented new smart phones so a person may have all the information on his/her phone.

It means wherever a person is he may buy anything or interact with others. Its applications are mobile vouchers coupons and loyalty cards, mobile ticketing (tickets can be booked and cancelled through phone), mobile banking, mobile contents purchase and delivery, location-based services, information services, mobile marketing and advertising etc.

People are doing business on small as well as large scales using through m-commerce. Mobile phones are very common now a days, hence its beneficial for the business persons and the customers because the business may grow to larger scale in this way. It is quite easy to access a person through m-commerce because mobile is necessary for any person. Research shows that 43% of people are using smart phones, 47% are using tablets and rest of the people are using laptops.

Every invention has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If we have a look towards the benefits of m-commerce, all the companies try to interact with their customer through it. So it’s time and cost saving, the person has no need to go far physically he just pick up his phone and everything is in his hand. Due to m-commerce the use of internet and wireless devices is growing.

There are also few disadvantages of m-commerce, mobile screen is smaller than desktops and sometimes it irritates a person due to which shopping rate is affected. A large number of people are habitual of e-commerce so they avoid changing their habit. M-commerce needs strong internet access which is impossible in some areas. M-commerce software is expensive to design. Moreover it is not a secure way of doing business because wireless systems are easy to hack.

The future of m-commerce is bright because in this era, it’s a natural desire of every person to have money while sitting at home, m-commerce has fulfilled the demand of people. It is evolving rapidly. Now earning is easy even for a common person. It has opened new era of shopping. But it needs development in specific areas like security. Mobile application development companies are working to improve the quality. All we discussed here sounds very impressive.

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