The LG G2 mini offers a very durable autonomy

The LG G2 mini -South Korean manufacturer LG- is a smart phone which was introduced earlier this year 2014, and is a compact version of the flagship of the company: the LG G2. This is a phone that incorporates a screen 4.7 inches, a main chamber of eight megapixels, a processor of four cores running at 1.2 GHz and the operating system Android in its latest version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

After the introductions, we can already get into thorough testing; we have done the LG G2 mini. This is a test in which we analyze each and every one of the specifications of this terminal to find its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at this compact mobile LG, which also remember that you can now buy in the European market for a price of approximately 270 euros.

In the front of the LG G2 mini have a screen that is accompanied by a logo of LG on the bottom and a speaker with several sensors on top. The front of this mobile has a very simple design that integrates well with the rest of the terminal. Recall that the three buttons on the operating system, Android are built into the screen, so we are talking about virtual buttons.

On the other hand, in the back of the LG G2 mini we found a plastic housing having a rugged touch to help improve the feeling of firmness that is so important when holding a phone with one hand. On top of this case we find the camera, with LED flash and the three physical buttons (two for volume up and down and one to lock and unlock the screen, although there are combinations that allow us to access other Additional pressing several buttons at once) options.

A small detail that is missing in the LG G2 mini is the presence of an LED notification. Still, we can set different alerts using vibration and sounds that also allow us to keep track of all incoming notifications on our mobile.

One of the things you could criticize the LG G2 Mini is the position of the physical buttons, which are located in the back of the phone (i.e., on the casing). At first glance you might think that because of the location of the buttons can not unlock or lock the screen taking mobile supported on, say, a table. But the truth is that both the blocking action as the action of unlocking the screen can give two soft strokes on the screen, without touching the physical buttons in any time. This technology is called Knock On, and is one of the many tricks that hide the LG G2 in its original language.

LG G2 mini222

While large manufacturers increasingly tend to include more screens more than five inches on their mobile phones higher end, the truth is that there is still a wide range of interesting phones whose screens are below that figure. And the case of the LG G2 mini is a good example: its 4.7-inch screen is sufficient for any kind of everyday use. And while on the numbers we’re talking about a screen whose resolution is set at 960 x 540 pixels, the picture quality is really good in any situation (both when browsing Internet as when running any application).

This screen is protected by a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 2, and herein lays one of the negatives that have appreciated in this mobile: the front glass gets dirty very easily. Presumably responsible for this glass gets dirty so easily is the protective layer of the screen, so hopefully LG solve this detail in future compact version of its phones.

The camera comes standard with the LG G2 mini comes with a sensor of eight megapixels. Unlike camera LG G2, in this version LG has decided to remove the optical stabilizer, which shows the quality difference that you will notice when taking snapshots with the camera of this phone compared to the flagship camera. Still photographs taken day offer a very crisp look with some really bright colors that result in an acceptable quality to be a compact phone.

Instead, the photos taken at night are the real weak point of this camera. This is where the absence of the optical stabilizer is evident, and therefore need to take night shots carefully to avoid moving the camera during the snapshot. Just do not forget that we have at our disposal a LED flash to help us improve the lighting of the photographs performed indoors. In the front we have a small camera 1.3 megapixel that needs no further introduction as it is used fairly delimited use (mainly photographs video calls and self-listing).

The processor that we are at the LG G2 mini is a Qualcomm MSM8926 of four cores running at a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. Alongside it we have also a memory RAM whose capacity is set to 1 gigabyte. Although we are facing a very common data within the average range of mobile phones, the truth is that it seems that the LG G2 mini take full advantage of all this power when moving interface.


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