LG G3 – revamped user interface and new features in software

It is here. It has already reached the LG G3 with its sleek design and some software features. The manufacturer promises have created smarter software. I invite you to take a walk through the most important software functions, as well as new applications and design of the user interface.

Let’s start with the new user interface, one of the things that most caught my attention as something detested the LG phones. Must be renewed and the Korean manufacturer has done in an elegant way. Gone are those transitions and infant meaningless icons. The LG G3 enters the era of minimalism with a line interface on Android with stock flat icons and more muted tones. From my point of view, one of the problems is that LG did not keep a good balance between elegance Outside inside. Now I think I have got.

The new Optimus UI is presented in a clean and sophisticated way. The home screen looks pretty spacious (also because the screen is 5.5 inches), and panel applications where find some apps, such as Google, in folders with a new rounded design.

Smart Notice

We begin this new widget wizard as we find in the home screen. Many have compared it to Google Now and the truth is that it is a very similar service. Smart Notice we provide both reminders as recommendations based on the way we use our smartphone and our location.

Within reminders are returning calls to a contact, connect to the WiFi network of a usual place (something I find very useful, because sometimes I forget to do it at work or even in my own home) and also the birthday our contacts. Smart Notice not, only time will tell us, but we suggest taking an umbrella in case that there will be rain.

Smart Bulletin

Another new feature is Smart Bulletin, which at first I thought it would be kind of My Magazine BlinkFeed Samsung or HTC, but it is not. I fell into that position by the fact that you can access this in the same way that the news readers mentioned above. The Bulletin also comes in the category of personal assistant, but more in the line by registering our physical and intellectual activity. As I mentioned access to Smart Bulletin can find it on the screen on the far left. It will find and LG Smart Health Tips.

Smart Tips provides adequate information on applications and tutorials to better understand how to use the system applications. With the LG Health will obtain information from a typical application of fitness, that is, calories burned, steps taken, etc.. Moreover, we can select the type of exercise that is (walking, running, cycling …). Incidentally, the Smart Bulletin content is available from Smart Notice.

LG G3 www

Smart Cleaning

Smart Notice is pending applications we use, so that for months if not already opened an application, we suggest uninstalling. It is here where comes into the play Smart Cleaning. Through this application, translated into Spanish as intelligent cleaning, we report the use of applications and we can debug memory G3.

Smart Keyboard

The keyboard also becomes intelligent. With this new quality we can change the size of it to better our way of typing fingers and fit. In addition, it also supports writing gestures and offers a better word suggestion and corrections. Like most applications of keyboard, Smart Keyboard also learns from the way we write.

Dual Window

We talk about multitasking. Take this opportunity to mention the design change in the normal multitasking, which is accessed with the usual button. Besides the classic multitasking Android and LG QSlide known in the G3 find the double window.

Access to the double window find it hold by pressing the Back (as in Samsung) and also from multitasking. To activate it a series of applications that can open simultaneously will appear in the middle of the screen.


Like the Sony Xperia Z2, the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG G3 also offers a special energy-saving mode. From it we can disable some functions in the time when the battery reaches a certain level.

Content Lock and Kill Switch

We ended up with two functions aimed at safety. On one side, the Content Lock protecting our data; and, secondly, Kill Switch, which will make it disabled and unusable LG G3 in case of theft or loss.

Of course, are also present the already known Knock On and Knock Code, QuickMemo + and QSlide. A new feature is access to Guest Mode from Knock Code, i.e., we can create two different patterns, one to unlock our personal way and another to enter the guest. BTW, we need to talk about the camera, but it wants you to devote a separate article.

How about software LG G3? What role do you wish to see in the new LG G3?


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