The Lenovo S850 is mostly a nice phone, with high quality

The data sheet of Lenovo S850 reminds us that it is a mid-range phone with a five-inch screen and a camera remarkable. The best is definitely the design, attention to detail. But its performances remind us that we are quite far from the flagship brands. Here we review thoroughly all the features of this Lenovo S850. The S850 features a five-inch screen diagonals l, so we can say that falls under the category of large phones. While a couple of years ago much consumers would throw its hands still in the lead with this size, the fact is that five inches is becoming the most common mobile medium and high range size.

It has a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, which with this screen size leaves us with a density of 293 dots per inch. This resolution shows that it is not one of the most leading mobile markets, which usually already have a Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) pixel. However we can not say it’s a bad value. Until recently, we are agreed that 300 dpi was the limit that could sense the human eye, but already some argue that this figure is higher. The screen is capacitive and recognizes five fingers on it. But the best part is the design. It has something that we started to Miss since the iPhone resigned to this: the Crystal. The finish on this material is controversial, as it is much more fragile than metal and plastic finishes. But the feeling generated in hands beat.

In the back of the terminal are the logo printed Lenovo in the glass, which illuminates with the notifications. By what have been responsible for the brand, this light can be customized so that it glows in different colors depending on the type of notification that we have received. With 8.2 mm thick, it’s a pretty fine phone, although the material adds some body. The weight is 140 grams. The phone will be available in white and pink.

The camera of this phone is one of its best features. Despite being a mid-range terminal, the resolution of the rear camera is up to larger models with 13 megapixels. It also has an automatic focus and an integrated pop-up flash. In the front we find a second camera, also with autofocus and five megapixel resolution and angular lens. The quality of the front camera is striking, because the captors usually find that often serve in this position for little more than video calls and self-portraits of poor quality.

This is one of the points that are furthest from the higher ranges of brands. It has a Quad Core processor MediaTek 6582 1.3 GHz can not say that it is a powerful chip, but it is far from the most leading models Qualcomm or Nvidia. It comes with a 1 GB RAM. Few feature just a bit to run the operating system and some applications. The Lenovo S850 has an internal memory of 16 GB. In this has little to envy to the higher ranges. And it is that manufacturers have stopped competing to offer phones with more storage capacity. At the end of the day, if a user is not enough space on its phone, in most cases you can use an external microSD memory.

Like most manufacturers, Lenovo has continued to focus on Android for their terminals. The S850 will come standard with version 4.2 Jelly Bean. This is not the latest update of the Google ecosystem, but is expected to receive new updates soon. With Android, the S850 has access to popular Google services such as Maps, Drive, Hangouts, Drive, Gmail or Google +. Furthermore, it opens the door Google Play, the Android application market. It is already the market with more titles available, over one million, and do not miss any of the most popular. Lenovo wanted to accompany its releases of terminals with some applications, focusing mostly on the connectivity between devices.

This is one of the weaknesses of the Lenovo S850. And it does not have the ability to connect to 4G networks (LTE). This system is available wireless networks recently, but at the moment can only use some of the most advanced terminal markings and restricted to some cities coverage. In the nearest area, it has WiFi 802.11 b / g / n to connect to the Internet at home or in the office and Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connections to communicate with other peripherals such as phones or wireless headsets use any of the popular smart watches which know in recent times.

In terms of the physical connections are good starting points for this phone, and having the opportunity to work with two different SIM cards. It is a nod to the professional market, the most interested in this feature, as it prevents carry two phones up for work and personal use. It also has a microUSB port that serves both to charge the battery and to connect to other computers. It also has a 3.5 mm jack for headphones or external speakers and a slot for memory cards microSD me.

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