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The Spanish company bq just introduced a new smartphone that follows in the wake of the big brands and commitment to highly advanced components, but remains true to its philosophy of offering very competitive prices. The new model of which I speak is the bq Aquaris 5.7 and as its name suggests, adds to the growing supply of tablet phone with a panel of no less than 5.7 inches diagonally.

Not for users looking for a phone handy, but quite the opposite. If your idea is to give importance to the visual experience and get your hands on a mini-tablet with call function, then bq Aquaris 5.7 could be an option to consider, especially if you do not spend too much. In addition to the screen size, it also has strong arguments in their favor as the FullHD resolution, the thirteen-megapixel camera, processor quad-core or dual SIM card slot. Below I provide a detailed analysis of all its features.

As mentioned, bq pulled head to the big screen with this model, which equips a panel of no less than 5.7 inches diagonally, just the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. But the highlight is not the size but its HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and 386 points density. This configuration results in very sharp images, plus bq ensures that the display will be perfect from almost any angle and covering 178ยบ.

The design bq Aquaris 5.7 is successful, simple but not too flashy. The back cover has the rounded edges for comfortable gripping and white tone gives it a cleaner look. This part covers the entire back and sides, but leaves clear the front, which is occupied by the screen and resistant coated glass. The controls of the device are made from three touch buttons placed at the bottom of the screen used to display menus, go to the home screen or back. The physical buttons are situated at the side: the right button or left idle and the volume keys.

The camera is a piece of great importance in an advanced smartphone and in this case meets expectations. The rear sensor has thirteen megapixel resolutions and allows capture of very large photographs, plus videos with FullHD resolution. To help in the decision also has autofocus and LED flash will be very useful in situations where ambient lighting not be enough to get clear images. The front camera surprises with its resolution of five megapixels, a high and unusual figure in this chamber having a secondary function. The result is that the self-portraits or video calling will have more quality.


The bq Aquaris 5.7 with its huge screen offer a good multimedia experience, especially as far as video is concerned. Your FullHD panel with 16:9 aspect ratios allows viewing in HD without annoying black bars appear at the ends of the picture. As it could not be otherwise is ready to play a wide variety of formats, including text files less common. Another highlight in this section is the presence of standard Dolby, which ensures crystal clear sound even at lower frequencies. In this line also has a microphone that cancels out background noise and allows better listen during a call.

The bq Aquaris 5.7 is again scoring both with power, an important point that influences the whole user experience. To avoid slowdowns or crashes, has equipped one chip quad-core 1.5 gigahertz, accompanied by a PowerVR graphics chip and two Gb of RAM. The end user will notice that the device response is immediate, no delay between when an order is given and executed, such as opening an application, and still more will be noticed when you open multiple applications simultaneously.

The internal memory is 16 GB, enough to hold enough data, but may fall short for users accustomed to store a large amount of images, photos or applications. In that case it is best to use a memory card MicroSD.

The device exits standard with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is not the latest version but it’s a fairly high level in terms of news. For example already has improved wizard Google Now or customizable widgets. bq has not said anything about future updates, but will likely receive a higher version soon. Right out of the box the user can synchronize your Google account or create a new email to manage your Gmail, watch YouTube, chat on Google Talk, use Google maps, and more. Furthermore Store Play Google has a million files among which you can find the most popular time applications.

The bq Aquaris 5.7 also features a number of connection systems, essential part of any self-respecting smartphone. These systems find the connection or 3G HSPA + that allows you to browse the Internet 42 Mbps maximum speed. But also can be accessed through networks WiFi where possible and speed will be much higher. It also integrates a port Bluetooth 4.0 to share files, synchronize or use hands-free kits. The GPS antenna complete wireless connections and enables the use of GPS applications that easily find directions.

Physical connections of this model are composed of the classic headphone jack and port MicroUSB, which in this case is compatible with MHL – a system to launch a high definition signal with a special cable. In addition it also has a system Dual SIM allows you to insert two cards at the same time and be able to carry two phone numbers on the same device.


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