The latest series of tablets have been instigated by Samsung

Samsung launched a new series of tablets a few days ago, it is anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab4. The company remains committed to offering models of mid-range in various formats, as we saw with the previous editions. The Galaxy Tab4 features a new design, thinner and lighter, more powerful processors and the latest version of Android installed as standard. There are three models with different screen size: seven, eight and 10.1 inches. We see the differences in a comparative.

As we said, each model has a screen size and this is the point that differentiates more. Starts with seven inches, a fairly compact as to carry the device in a bag or backpack without us interfere size. The next tablet is eight inches, more electronic book guy, but still in a fairly compact level. Finally, if you want a wider visual editing experience is 10.1 inches. The three screens are TFT and have 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution, but the size difference makes the density is different. It starts with 215 ppi for the model of seven inches, 189 ppi for the eight-inch model and finally concentrated 10.1-inch 149 ppi.

All three models have the same design, now more streamlined and simple. The casing is made of durable plastic in a Matt finish and they will go on sale in black and white. Eight- and 10.1-inch models are thinner and logically the size difference affects the weight.

Samsung has opted for the same camera system on all three devices, which by the way is pretty basic. The rear camera has a three-megapixel resolution and the focus are fixed, this means that we cannot focus on objects too close or change the focus on an image by touching the screen. This part is equipped with a system of geo-tagging, face detector and HD720p video recording at 30 frames per second. At the front there is a camera for video calling which has 1.3 megapixels.

We continue with more similar, in this case in the processor. The three models have a quad-core chip that operates at 1.2 Ghz frequency and is supported by 1.5 Gb of RAM. The only difference at this point is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 that has 4G takes a chip to 1.4 Ghz.

latest series of tablets by samsung

In regard to the internal memory all carry a fund of 16 Gb and is compatible with MicroSD memory cards of 64 GB. Again the Galaxy Tab4 7.0 puts the discordant note, because that will also be selling in a wing version of 8 Gb capacity.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important news of the series Tab4 is that all models come standard with Android 4.4 KitKat, the ultimate delivery system icons Google. This version has an improved performance that makes the system run smoother, even on Smartphones and tablets with most basic configurations. It also has some design changes and new shortcut on the lock screen. You could not miss the Google services, which also include Google Play store applications. Samsung also includes its own store Samsung Apps and App ChatON. But that is not all, the Galaxy Tab4 have MultiWindow, a system that allows two applications open at the same time dividing the screen, and Play Group to share multimedia files in real time.

All models in the range feature Mobile Connect 4G, which allows them to surf at speeds up to 100 Mbps also have 3G if there is no coverage or its operator does not offer this feature, but the speed will be less. All have WiFi, but there are several different models with multiple connections. On the one hand, there is an issue with 4G, one with 3G and WiFi and finally one that has only WiFi. The choice must be made taking into account the needs of each user, is not the same one who always has the tablet up to the wearer mainly at home or in places with WiFi connection. Following the connections we have a wireless port, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS antenna, WiFi Direct, a connector MicroUSB and plug headphones 3.5 mm.

The models of seven and eight inches have a battery milliamp of 4,450, while the Galaxy Tab4 10.1 -inch leads a unit of 6,800 milliamps. Samsung has not detailed the autonomy of each one of them, but they are broad enough to offer a duration of several days if we give them a moderate use.

As already mentioned, the screen size is the most obvious difference between the new and important Galaxy Tab4. Samsung maintains the same technical level in virtually all parts of the record, with small details like the memory of seven-inch model. This range is fairly basic points as we see it in its three-megapixel camera or the screen resolution, but has a very balanced configuration and comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and some features very interesting special.


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