The latest LG G3 comes with a wide range of accessories as useful as originals

The new LG G3 has officially launched today worldwide. With this new device LG aims to meet the needs of mobile phone users, offering them an elegant and “simply extraordinary” device as its slogan. Combining ease of use with cutting edge technology the mobile phone division of LG market finally shows what will be their flagship device of 2014: the new LG G3. Here we present the details of the latest venture of the South Korean company LG, the new G3.

The screen is definitely one of the strong points of the new smartphone from LG. With a 5.5-inch panel and image quality of 538 ppi (pixels per inch) display new LG G3 offers a much higher resolution than what we are used to (2560 x 1440 pixels) surpassing that of other devices like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. In terms of resolution these values translate into image quality four times greater than the HD and almost two times that offered by a FullHD screen.

These specifications of the new LG G3 screen make that, when it comes to viewing multimedia content on the smartphone, as, for example, photographs or videos, users receive a much more clear and bright image quality. It is a screen where the colors are much more real and where the viewing angle reaches levels up to 178ยบ from either side maintaining the highest quality.

In terms of its design the LG G3 device is a sleek and slim that fits perfectly in the hand thanks to its curved shape. With dimensions perfectly adjusted, the device of LG G3 is very convenient to use and transport, with a weight of barely 150 grams.

The material making up the LG G3 is polished metal by making the device in a very tough team. However, what is striking is that thanks to this item the phone will be free of traces maintaining a clean look and finish intact, as the first day. Moreover, the new LG G3 will come in five colors different in order to suit the tastes of all its users. So, what we acquire in black, metallic, white pearl and gold. Finally, the new LG G3 will have a user interface marked by a minimalist graphical circular logo and alludes to a reason LG.

The new G3 from LG comes with two cameras, one rear and one front. Its main camera features OIS + technology that acts as hybrid optical image stabilization combined with electronic stabilization. This is especially important when taking pictures in motion as it helps to counteract and, therefore, to achieve the best results in the catches taken in non-optimal conditions. The main camera on the back is about 13 megapixels, quality rather than average.


Moreover, this main chamber also incorporates a laser in its autofocus and LG was established as the first manufacturer having incorporated this technology in a mobile phone. With this laser, the LG G3 calculate the distance that is the object or subject you want to photograph in order to reduce the waiting time between you press to take the photo and the shot itself. This is especially useful to prevent blurring or fuzzy screenshots. With these features, the LG G3 becomes an ideal device for capturing snapshots of moving quickly and always getting the best results. And the camera of the new G3 allows focus while the shutter is released.

Moreover, the front camera is 2.1 megapixels more than enough to use that usually given, that is, in video calls or take selfies. This is only possible in the new G3 LG with the addition of its “selfie” mode that can be activated by a gesture control system by which the user will only have to open your hand in front of the screen and a fist. This gesture will be recognized by the LG G3 and will start a countdown of three seconds before taking selfie.

Internally the LG G3 is a device very powerful thanks to a quad core processor Quad Core running at a clock speed of 2.5 GHz. accompanies Le 2GB RAM ensures fast operation of all processes or applications that we use at a time without the device to run slowly. Meanwhile, the internal storage of the new LG G3 16GB will be able to expand thanks to the microSD card slot supporting cards up to 128GB, a capability far beyond what other high-end devices tolerate.

The new smartphone from LG runs on the Google Android operating system in its latest updated version 4.4.2, also known as KitKat. Thus, this terminal will be equipped with all Google services like YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, as well as access through its Google Play Store, to all existing applications to Android.

However, more interesting is the interface that provides the new LG G3 with a wide range of technologies that promise to make the experience much more simple user. For example, the Smart Keyboard uses adaptive technology to allow the user to type faster and with fewer errors by analyzing the user’s writing habits. Besides the new LG G3 will have a app called Smart Notice that act as a personal assistant to carry reminders of missed calls or recommendations based on the use of the phone that we carry out. Finally, LG has sought to integrate a number of new features that ensure the safety of the LG G3 and all come together in implementing Smart Security.


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