Latest iPhone 5S with Orange, pricing and tariffs

The next Friday, October 25, comes the iPhone 5S to the world. And it will in three sections according memory price, namely, of 700, 800 and 900 euros. That, at least, in free format, because the operators will display a wide range of offers, grants and financing to entice users looking for using the phone more powerful hook that Cupertino has presented so far. In this sense, the first to make public its offer for the iPhone 5S has been the multinational’s French Orange.

The signature orange have in its catalog on Friday November the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which is the early model as the economic version, but in practice renewed with some changes seen in the  iPhone 5C, differing in only 100 euros high-end price. But we keep a watchful.. If we want to get the iPhone 5S with the help of Orange, we have to decide, first, if we link it to a 3G or 4G fee. However, neither itinerary opens the possibility to study a new high, so you should proceed with migration from prepaid to contract or portability from another operator.

If you are Orange prepaid customers and we take to bring the iPhone 5S changing us a contract, we would pay 200 euros for the phone if we hire rate Squirrel 7 (8.5 euro per month minimum spending on invoice) and 180 euros if we do with the Delfin 16 (almost 20 per month for voice and data without the excesses in the franchise contract). And also, we would have two years to pay almost 20 euros per month finance fee by phone. So, the iPhone 5S would cost between 663.5 and 643.6 euros, according cogiésemos a fee or other when they passed 24 months.

iPhone 5S

If you choose the version with 32 GB, the monthly payment would increase to 23 euros, and with this, the final price of the phone would vary between the 750.8 euros (squirrel 7) and 730.8 euros (Dolphin 16). Remember, we’re talking about the rates with 3G. For options compatible with 4G, and keeping within the constraints imposed by the board to contract migration, we would have to make an initial payment of $ 100, regardless of the model they were 16 or 32 GB of memory and the rate hired. What changes, in this case, is the monthly fee: about 20 euros for options without 4G and 23 euros for those that do that are compatible with this new network of high-speed data. With this, the 16GB iPhone 5S 563.6 euros would cost us at the end of the funding period, bringing the total price model of 32 GB in that case to 650.8 euros.

Things change if all we do is spend our contract with another operator to a contract with Orange. It is the most convenient to have the iPhone 5S to a more flexible price. For 16GB iPhone 5S, always would be applied monthly in funding of almost 20 euros on the phone, and I would change would be the down payment, which would be 200 euros for 7 and Squirrel rate of 180 euros for the Dolphin 16 . This, regarding options 3G , because rates compatible with the 4G of Orange the price drops to 80 euros down payment if we hire the Whale 23 (which implies a minimum monthly spend of nearly 28 euros) or the Dolphin 25 (with a commitment to take, at least, 30,25 euros on each bill, plus any extras). If we chose the Whale 35 (42.35 euros per month), the 16GB iPhone 5S input cost us only 20 euros. However, to spend two years the phone would have cost 663.64 euros (Squirrel 7), 643.64 euros (Dolphin 16), EUR 543.64 (Dolphin and Whale 25 23) or 483.64 (Whale 35).

In the case of the iPhone 5S 32GB, as we have said, the options are very similar. Thus, in the case of trust that rates 3G, the quota to pay for financing for 24 months will be about 23 euros, being the initial price of the terminal 180 or 200 euros, according to the fee that we choose. The monthly installment shall also rates 23 euros for 4G, the first payment ranging between 80 euros fees associated Whale Dolphin 25 and 23 and 20 euros of the Whale 35. Therefore, the final prices of the  32GB iPhone 5S with Orange would be as follows: 551.76 euros would be the total financed , to which must be added the initial price, costing the phone with Squirrel July 750.76, 730.76 euros with the Dolphin 16, 630,76 euros with Whale Dolphin 25 and 23, or 570.76 euros with the Whale 35. With this, Orange seems to be penalized in the price of the phone that does not opt for the rates compatible with 4G networks.

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