The latest fantastic headphones of Razer Adaro Wireless

Razer has launched a few months ago a small makeover: peripherals for gamers to open that market called lifestyle, where you opt for a more modern aesthetic rather than characteristics typically for gamers The Razer Adaro was presented in January with four different models, and they are the Adaro Wireless who have passed through our hands for analysis. Some wireless headsets much more serious than other Razer products, curiously, completely lose the green so characteristic of the brand. With its pros and cons, like everything else, then we bring the analysis of the Razer Adaro Wireless.

Razer Adaro Wireless comes in a box large enough, but hardly contains the headset, a microUSB-USB charging cable, a small, quick guide and some stickers. Too big box completely black and silver, color matching using headphones. Remove the earphones is very simple. Open the box on the side, remove a plastic cover and a small protective untie that keep them attached to the support. We already have them in hand, although in our cases discharged from the factory came and we had to carry them for a few hours to proceed to take the first steps with them.

The configuration and the first timing are relatively simple. It is not quite easy because we have to look at a color LED located on the left ear, which flashes blue or red depending on the state: looking device origin, synchronized, low battery, etc.. Not a trivial configuration because we have to consult the manual to find out the meaning of each color, but it certainly is quite simple if we follow the steps. In a couple of minutes we will have everything in place.

Along with this LED color there are also certain voice commands which give the headphones themselves, restricting to say ‘Hello’ when we light, ‘Your device is connected’ if synchronization has been successful, or ‘Goodbye’ when turned off. As you see are very direct orders, and only in English. Once configured and implemented also offer us a small two-position joystick, which controls the volume (by dragging and holding) or change the current track (simply dragging one of the two sides). If you press the joystick to the center position we can also pause and resume playback.

Finally in this section, official figures indicate a range of up to 20 hours of use, a fact that is quite correct. We have not been able to test for all those hours continuously, but have found that perfectly endure a couple of weeks at a rate of two or three hours a day. Since the charging time is relatively small, they say specifications less than three hours, it is quite likely with a minimum care not having them downloaded ever.

Razer Adaro Wireless

It is perhaps the most representative rate. They are to analyze the Kraken, and although some details remain regarding the reality is that they are quite different. Completely black with some silver accents, the Adaro Wireless are medium sized but surprisingly lightweight. Officially the weight is 197 grams, although hand gives less sense.

The materials are used to manufacture plastics, leather simile and certain metal parts, and the combination of all this is quite sober. Unlike other models of the brand will not call too much attention, mainly for lack of bright colors, although Razer logos on headphones, the shape and design of these, as well as the name on the crown, leaving the stamp brand.
Razer Adaro Wireless

The faux leather is acceptable, giving the feeling that actually is not real leather, but rather carefully while. The earphones are not rotated, contrary to what is perhaps a tendency in today’s market, though of course they do allow some adjustment thanks to high torque metal guides. It is a simple but very effective system. The Adaro Wireless are quite comfortable, though perhaps have appreciated the pads were slightly larger. As always, rate this factor is a very personal matter, so far can be generalized.

Technical details speak of drivers 40 mm neodymium frequencies 20Hz.-20kHz, impedance of 32 ohms sensitivity of 91 + / – 3 dB, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and aptX Technology,. a system for audio coding. Having tried the Adaro Wireless multi-device (laptop, smartphone, and tablet) and multiple audio sources, we can draw several conclusions. Firstly, stereo headphones are two simple channels priori. Far from offering 5.1 or more powerful alternatives, not highlight channels.

The audio provided by Adaro Wireless is powerful, with strong bass (something we already felt in other Razer), clear and correct for certain categories of music. They sound fine, but the problem that gives the transmission of a wireless audio quality and does not offer a similar to that of a wired. The different instruments, for example, a song, they differ in the Adaro Wireless, but are much more distinguishable and independent in some wiring. It is a very specific and not so much negative feeling, but different. Personally I prefer wired, but of course everyone will have a completely subjective assessment about.

A general assessment of the audio quality can be defined as correct, with choices clearly superior but not bad. Perhaps a note of good or outstanding is the one that best applies to you, with a headset that can not be an option to consider for the Puritan world of audio, but with a very proper for those who are not looking for the best performance device in the quality of sound delivered own.

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