The LaCie Rugged is an advanced handheld device for professional use

LaCie has updated its disk the LaCie Rugged, portable device designed for professionals who have to work in demanding environments. This equipment is available in various configurations ranging up to 2 TB hard drive format and up to 500 GB SSD format, a type of memory that provides increased reliability and speed. To transfer files, includes a port Thunderbolt. This technology doubles the speed of the Intel USB 3.0, but its use has expanded very little for PCs (most computers that use Thunderbolt are Mac). That is why LaCie also offers interface USB 3.0, much more widespread in the Windows world. This album is available for a price of 190 euros for the 2 TB hard drives.

The Lacie Rugged is a device that does not go unnoticed. Around the area of the disc itself, which uses color silver, aluminum, has introduced a rubber cover an eye-catching orange. The goal is clear. Get this team to have a greater resistance to bumps and drops, especially in professional environments of maximum demand. In fact, the company has certified this model so that it holds without problems falls to 1.20 meters without any damage (yes, it is recommended that is not operating at the time of the crash) occurs.

One of the details that has included LaCie in the new version of this album is the inclusion of the cable Thunderbolt directly into the computer (in the previous version was external cable). This cable is in line with the orange color of the Rugged and can wrap around the device in the moments in which it is not in use. Thus, is concealed and protected from any impact. The presence of this cable seems a major success that improves the ease of use of this equipment and the cable prevents forgetfulness.


Of course, it does not seem as well finished in the case of design port USB 3.0, which is hidden under the gum and sometimes gave us problems when making contact. Sure we really want to squeeze the capabilities of this gadget will be connected via Thunderbolt. The dimensions of the LaCie Rugged are 8.9 x 14 x 2.4 inches and weight is placed in 260 grams. This is a very compact and lightweight for easy transport. Both if you are a professional working with video or photograph as if you work in demanding working conditions this equipment becomes an excellent choice. And its rugged design is complemented with protection IP54 against water and dust, which will operate the equipment in the rain without disk crash. It is the disk where the USB 3.0 output can be closed through a simple rubber cover to improve its resistance to inclement weather.

The LaCie Rugged is available in several different configurations. The user can choose whether you want to base opt for a traditional hard drive or a memory SSD. In the first case a better storage capacity is achieved, whereas SSDs offer a more reliable and faster option. This is because the solid disks do not use mechanical parts that can deteriorate by constant friction. If we choose a hard drive capacities Rugged are 1TB or 2 TB, while in the case of choosing a memory SSD capacities are 120 GB, 256 GB or 500 GB.

According to official data from LaCie, the LaCie Rugged is able to achieve very high transfer rates up to 387 Mbps via cable Thunderbolt or through USB 3.0 (if you opt for the SSD memory). This speed becomes a key point when using this drive in situations where you need to perform fast file transfers such as video or photo. As a result, professionals can get to transfer 100 GB of data in less than five minutes. On the other hand, if you opt for this format computer hard drive, the speed is placed at 122 Mbps. In tests we have achieved a remarkable performance. Yes, the team was able to test the version of 500 GB SSD format.

To complete the features of this portable drive, LaCie has added two dedicated applications that can be installed the first time you use the device to your computer (or anytime through the folder “LaCie Setup” and the installer of the same name. From this platform the PC registry to enjoy the warranty is also performed. In addition to the manual of the disc, two applications that we wish to highlight are the Genie Timeline Free and the LaCie Private Public. The first is used to manage backups that we carried on the hard drive, while the second application is used to encrypt data with AES 256-bit. This option is very interesting to prevent unauthorized persons can spy or steal the data. In both cases, we are dealing with tools rather simple to use and with a very smooth operation.


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