The LaCie Fuel is able to operate autonomously without being plugged into the mains

The LaCie Fuel is a small designed for users to share their media files on your home network hard drive in a compact and portable. This disc has a storage capacity of 1 TB and creates its own WiFi network simply to access our archives. Although it is thought the main way for the Apple universe, Fuel is also compatible with Windows computers and Android smartphones and tablets. One of the great attractions of this proposal is that it may be working up to 10 hours without the need enchufemos network, transmitting high-quality movies on three different devices. Furthermore, we can also perform a more traditional use through its USB 3.0 high-speed port. The LaCie Fuel and can be found in the market for a price of 200 euros.

Obvious that one of the distinguishing features of the LaCie Fuel is its design. As you can see from the picture, mimics the shape of a bottle of petrol in gray, but in a very small and light format. In fact, this hard drive can get without any problem in one hand and carry around the house and through our travels. In particular, the dimensions of this model are 11.5 x 11.5 x 2.3 inches and weighs 300 grams in a light freezes.

It works through a single button to turn on and turn off the disc and two LEDs to see the load and check your wireless connection status. To load the device incorporates a USB 3.0 port and a cable charger that works the same way that mobile. That is, if we can unhook the transformer directly connect the hard drive to another USB port of a computer. No doubt a real display of simplicity that causes most of its more advanced features are controlled from dedicated applications for both mobile platforms and PC and Mac

LaCie Fuel The standard configuration comes with a 1 TB internal memory. This is a capability that will help us to save dozens of HD movies and tens of thousands of photos and songs. It is a very useful option to enhance the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with a more limited capacity.

The idea behind the LaCie Fuel is to serve as a platform for centralized home storage, especially in cases in which we use devices that may be more limited in this regard (for example, a tablet like the iPad). For this, the device is able to create its own WiFi network that is easily accessible at a distance of up to 45 meters. This model starts easily. All we need do is press on the power button and wait a few seconds for the LED belonging to the wireless connection keeps you in blue (for a few seconds will emit a constant flickering).

LaCie Fuel

To access the files you have stored on this computer, you must open the connection panel and choose the one that has the name beginning with LaCie Fuel. The way to access files that are stored on this disk is the open a window in the browser and access any address. A fairly accessible and simple interface for stored files automatically appears us. At the top there is a tab that organizes file types automatically in photos, videos and music. You can also view files through a traditional view by folder.

Many files can be viewed without downloading them directly from the network and with very good performance. Yes, we have seen that with some video files in MKV large format when you press on them downloaded directly on your PC before you can see them. This way, you can connect up to five devices simultaneously and three of them can display streaming video (simultaneously). Other modes of data access LaCie Fuel occurs through the dedicated application Seagate Media app for Android smartphones and tablets and on iPhone and iPad. This access as discussed in the following paragraph.

Finally, the LaCie Fuel can also serve as a traditional hard drive l. In this case, simply connect the device by means of which comes built into a PC or a Mac As mentioned earlier USB cable, Fuel features a 1TB capacity will serve to store a lot of files and the ability using a USB 3.0 port can greatly improve the speed with which we transfer files from one device to another. Specifically, the USB 3.0 enables transfer rates increase tenfold what we can achieve with a traditional USB. A jump that certainly is very remarkable.

In addition to the web platform LaCie Fuel, access to files stored in this device we can also be carried out through a dedicated app if you’re using a team of Android, an iPhone or an iPad. The application used is Seagate Media app. Once we downloaded, we carry out a preliminary step to connect to the WiFi network LaCie Fuel. Implementation will take us through the simple steps guide to ensure that we get the keys to managing this tool. Another of the advantages of this platform is that we can use the LaCie Fuel as a bridge to connect to the Internet while you are accessing your personal files. The operation of the tool is very intuitive and Seagate has especially liked the interface, which is very attractive and elegant.


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