All we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Korean company Samsung introduced its first Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011 with the aim to release a new line of smartphones equipped with much larger screens than usual. Throughout these years, the company we have become accustomed to the launch of a new generation of this smartphone in early September, just when takes place in Berlin the IFA fair dedicated to consumer electronics.

Today we learned that the firm intends to introduce two new high-end phones in the second half of 2014. One of the most anticipated is undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is emerging as one of the smartphones most gifted of its catalog. And although so far there is no official confirmation at this point we have on the table a lot of rumors that define a more or less detailed manner performance. Then we tell you what we know of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Design and Display

No need to have too much data to know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be a great phone, probably equipped with a large screen, which directly affects the size of the team. However, it is very likely that Samsung respects the proposed design through Samsung Galaxy S5. We refer, of course, to plastic materials and perforated casing that will ensure a more comfortable and secure fit. It is also possible that the fourth generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is present in four different colors: black, white, blue and gold. However, we should mention what have been rumors in the past few hours have been leaked from Korean media. The first thing to note is that the phablet could be quite thinner than previous models thanks to a new technology that replaces the Touch Screen Digitizer for ultrasonic sensors.

To all this, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may be, for the first time in its history a smartphone equipped with a IP67 certification that will waterproof, dustproof and carry a fingerprint sensor button start. But that’s not all, because this tool we add (as long rumored) a sensor for ultraviolet radiation, able to improve the brightness of the screen or alert the user to the possibility of sunburn; or monitor the heart rate so that we use the device as an Intelligent Assistant when it comes to sport.

On its screen there have also run rivers of ink. On one hand, you talk about the possibility of different variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that would differ from the screen. The first would have a typically flat screen, but on the other, would be facing a device with curved panel in the style of Samsung Galaxy Round. This time, it seems that Samsung could use the famous screen technology Youm, although it seems that this model consists of few units and is marketed in very specific markets.


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could carry a camera integrated sensor with 16 megapixels, almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, unlike the latter, the new Note would be perfected the optical image stabilization system for the user to get new images and less blur or shaky videos. The provider of this camera would be Sony, equipped with a faster approach and ISOCELL sensor manufactured by own Samsung. The secondary camera that is integrated into the front of the phone, have a 2-megapixel sensor that will help us enjoy a remarkable quality in video calls.

Memory and processor

It would not be the first time that Samsung has several models that differ mainly by depending on if they will be released in one country or another processor. In principle, the main model would work through an Exynos 5433 chip that will reach around the world, while the models to be launched in North America, South Korea, China and Japan take an integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 805. Both this yes, they will integrated 3 GB of RAM. In most countries, the main model will have an internal memory of 32 GB which the user can expand with microSD, probably even 128 GB.

Availability and Prices

But how long will the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the market? Well, according to all the rumors, the device will be announced next September 3, a day before the IFA 2014, the consumer electronics fair, open in Berlin. Do not forget that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 were introduced on the market at the same time and at the exhibition. Regarding price, it is very likely that Samsung decides to maintain the price level proposed for the previous editions and will be on sale in the free market between 500 and 600 euros. In any case, it is likely that the Korean propose an introductory offer to new smartwatch Gear 3 Samsung included.

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In any case, the latest data we have on the table indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is ready to enter the manufacturing process. In fact, Korea is planning to put on sale just days after the official announcement.


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