Know about the fastest printer in the world

If you are looking for speed, inkjet printers HP Officejet Pro X576dw and HP Officejet Pro X51dw are the most powerful models you can find at office level. And these HP teams have the honor of being the printers fastest in the world according to the Guinness Book. According to official figures, these teams reach speeds of up to 70 pages per minute. But these numbers tend to depend on great way to different conditions. Yet these numbers often depend heavily on different factors. To get an idea of how quickly this team can reach print in the work everyday, we have carried out several stringent tests with sample documents that can serve as an example of its performance in the environment of an SME.

Go ahead do not pretend you do scientific tests, but give a rough idea of the capacity of this equipment in more demanding conditions. We have used the printer HP Officejet Pro X576dw, with the same printing performance the HP Officejet Pro X511dw but with the added capability of copying and scanning. This feature is very useful to save paper but in many printing equipment suffers a very sharp drop in speed. In addition, we have chosen to perform all tasks through the WiFi connection, a way that causes the printing to start over. These attached to the higher content of text and images serve to document barriers to recreate a more demanding print jobs used to find the minimum from which you can scale to higher speeds.

Test 1: Paper 24 pages consisting of text in almost the entire surface of the paper without any image. Overall Quality Office in black and white the first test used the specific mode of the printer for regular office work, not requiring outstanding quality. The time to perform this print job reached 1 minute and 10 seconds, while the time it emerged the first impression was of 33 seconds. If we ignore the time when the first copy came a influenced by the time it takes the computer to send the print job via WiFi, reach a factor time a page every 1.6 seconds , a figure very high considering that we are using the depleting to save paper.


Test 2: Document 24 pages consisting of text in almost the entire surface of the document without any image. White and black professionally finished. Interestingly, when test printing the same document on professional quality showed a competitive printing the first sheet, time 24 seconds. The total time it took to print this document was one minute and 21 seconds. Ignoring the first page, it has speeds 2.6 seconds per page.

Test 3: Paper 25 pages with the same text and including a logo and a small image. But if the times of the above tests are very competitive, in the case of input pictures, even better results are achieved. As you can see in the file, it has introduced in the same paper a logo on the bottom and a wide picture on the top. In this case, the rise time of the first copy was 28 seconds, while the total time for carrying out this print reached one minute and 41 seconds. Except for the first printed page, the rest reached an average rate of one page every three seconds.

Test 4: Finally, the last test was the most challenging because we use a heavier paper that there is a clear predominance of the images (although three of the pages appear emptier of content). In addition, we maintained the professional finish of the previous tests. And yet, the result was clearly positive. The HP Pro X576dw Officejet took 34 seconds to launch print and 1 minute and 42 seconds to finish all the work. As in previous cases, except for the first printing, prints the average stood at a page every 4.8 seconds.

To complete the experiment, we performed the same tests on a laser printer company, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177, with results that leave no room for doubt.

For test 1, times to print the document in black and white and draft quality reached 16 seconds for the first page and 1 minute 49 seconds to complete the entire job. That is, if we accept the first impression it has a rate of one page every 4.2 seconds. This difference is even more marked in the test 2, in which a time is marked 16 seconds for the first print and 2 minutes and 59 seconds for the entire document. Leaving aside the first impression, the average speed is placed in 7.4 seconds for each page.

What does occur in both cases and with all printer models HP Officejet Pro, regardless of brand rate each, a savings of up to 50 percent on printing costs and the same percentage in electricity consumption compared to laser printers.


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