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Professional photography is not only to cover stories and weddings. Photographing people have difficulties. On this subject you need a lot of patience: the subject may bore you, you can get nervous, rigid, or can not accurately interpret your instructions regarding the pose. A product, however, be photographed giving you complete freedom. Do not get nervous, never tires of a pose do not sweat, does not get too serious. You can handle your craving. Photographing products can be a good way to make a living, or simply develop your artistic skills.

In principle, it might be any compact camera, but to do product photography would be better to have an SLR camera that has some the following qualities to help you better make these pictures:

Cover for the eyes: If you make photos with continuous light and no flash and auto exposure, the light entering the eye of the camera can deceive the internal photometer. Close the eye with a lid or a piece of tape is very important. Some high-end cameras have a shutter in the eyepiece.

It is not essential, but it helps a lot: vision “Live view” that lets you see in real time on the screen of the camera framing, composition and decision will look.

Manual white balance: to set the best possible light and color play on photos objects with colors it’s actually having. Direct connection to PC and control software from the computer: This decision will see directly; before firing in a larger screen, even control the settings of aperture and exposure time and make the shot.

Remote control or cable release: Avoid possible hands touch the camera and move it from its position thus avoiding unwanted vibrations. If you make the shot using the computer software and you would not need obviously.

As the camera only recorded the image, the lens is actually responsible for creating it. It is preferable that:

1. Be a fixed focal length lens that will give better results than an optical zoom.

2. Keep a minimum distance of small approach. This allows you to get closer in photographs of small objects.

3. You have to have a hood to prevent unwanted reflections. You can do it with black paper.

In photography, product is absolutely essential that you have a tripod because the photos do not you holding the camera in your hands, you will come out blurred and fuzzy.

A good tripod should have these features:

1. Be strong and lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber construction better.

2. It would be interesting to put the inverted column, below the camera tripod and pointing at the floor.

3. The legs should be separable from its normal position.

4. Zapata quick release lock.

5. Bubble level.

A tripod that meets all these features is the Vanguard Nivelo 245BK. A handheld exposure meter will be essential if you flash photos, its utility is that you can accurately measure the intensity of light. If you make photos with continuous light could work with the photometer of the camera but taking into account information that you receive on the screen and you looking at the histogram of the images.

The importance of this function is given by the shallow depth of field photographs taken near and small objects. In these cases it is essential to have a high depth of field and it is usually possible only by closing the maximum aperture. If its flashes are under powered have no choice but to add up to the same power flashes until the desired aperture. The only drawback to this type of footage is there to be done with the shutter open in “B” and completely dark, firing flashes many times as necessary.

Whether you prefer to use flash as if you go more for the continuous light is clear that you need to illuminate your subject. The advantage of the flash of the continuous light is its greatest power, essential to properly illuminate large objects. Rather it is more difficult to handle and requires some practice.

The table still life you see in the picture costs about 395 € (with lights included). Its installation cost me € 1.75 of white cardboard, some duct tape and 5 pages of white paper. The photos were taken in the kitchen of your house with lights kitchen bench. The result is excellent despite making the photos as “normal” means.

photography product2

Another accessory that is very fashionable for product photography and having a set price are cubes photographing products. The different measures are black and white. It is basically given translucent fabric that lets light flash. It has an opening to put the object and the camera lens. Within this object can be photographed objects with a uniform diffuse light without which the objects are reflected in the things around you.

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