IOS 16 is bringing that new surprise to the iPhone

Finally, Apple has announced the new version of iOS for iPhone, iOS 16. In this post, you will be able to know the details about the new features of iOS 16 as well as which iPhones will support iOS 16.

New features of iOS 16
First let’s get to know the details about the new features of iOS 16.

Notification Center
Innovation has come in the notification center of iOS 16. App notifications on the lock screen will not be displayed in full screen but will be bundled at the bottom. With the Live Activities API, developers can use the new notification system for various live activities. This will make the notification interactive as well as useful in real time.

Lock screen customization
Finally, the feature of lock screen customization has been added to the iPhone operating system. Features like widgets, new notification experience, live widgets, etc. have been added to the new iPhone lock screen. A user can customize as much as he wants by long pressing on the lock screen. Users can create their own collection of different templates as well.

Although there is no lock screen customization feature in iOS so far, iOS has gone one step ahead of all mobile devices in lock screen customization through iOS 16.

ios 16 lock screen customization
Focus filters have taken iOS’s focus feature to another level. With the help of Focus Filter, Safari, Calendar or Communication apps can be sorted by phone as needed. Focus mode can be used directly from the lock screen. This means that if you have two focus profiles for your workplace and home, each of the app’s settings for both profiles can be set separately. The focus filter feature will work on everything from lock screens to hemiscreens, even supported apps.

ICloud Shared Photo Library
A maximum of 5 people can contribute to the same library in the new separate iCloud library. The shared photo library can also be seen in the user’s memory and featured photos. Suppose everyone took pictures at a family event, now it is quite a hassle to send all the pictures to everyone again and again. To make this easier, a shared photo library can be created by merging multiple accounts in the family.

ios 15 messages
Apple has added three new features to the Messages app. The facility to edit the first sent message has been added to iOS 16. In addition, within 15 minutes of sending a message, the message can be edited or unsent on iOS 16. In addition, the message can be selected as “unread” which may come in handy for later reading.

The option to schedule email has come to iOS 16. It can also be canceled before the email is sent. From now on, the mail app will inform the user about the missing element in any mail.

Live text
By pausing a video, the text in it can be detected through live text. Developers have also come up with a Live Text API that allows them to add this feature to their own apps. In addition, the visual look-up feature is much better than before, which separates the different animals from the picture by providing drag-and-drop as a sticker to use in the message.

Apple Wallet
Pay Later and Order Tracking features have been added to the Apple Wallet app. Purchases can be made in installments on iOS 16 through the Pay Letter feature without any additional fees or interest. Key and ID support has also been increased, along with improved privacy features.

Shareplay can be used directly from the Message app on iOS 16. In other words, the content message in Sync can be enjoyed with friends and family through shareplay.

The dictation feature is new to iOS 16, which is basically a real-time voice typing feature. From now on, there is an opportunity to do typing and dictating at the same time.

ios 16 dictation
Apple Maps
New Apple Maps has arrived in 11 more countries. The new map features 3D visuals as well as multistop routing, transit, etc. These features have been made available to developers through Mapkit. In addition, 360 degree view has been added in many places to get a better idea about a location.

Parental controls
ios 16 Parental Controls
Parental controls have improved in iOS 16. Kids can easily control and set up Apple devices on iOS 16. Things like controlling children’s screen time can be done quite easily without entering the settings. Kids devices can be set up quite easily from now on. Parental controls can be set up quite easily by bringing the iPad to your iPhone.

Apple Health
In the new Medications tab of the Apple Health app, you can set your daily medication and the time you take it, which will provide timely reminders. Even these reminder notifications can be found through the Apple Watch. The data of the drug can be added by scanning the label of the bottle or by typing it manually. This data can also be shared with family members.

Safety check
A new feature called Safety Check has come to iOS 16 which will help the victims of domestic abuse and violence. Location sharing from an ABJib member of the family and decisions like removing message access can be made using safety checks.

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The home app has been redesigned to support the upcoming Matter standard which allows you to view the entire house in a single feed.

Handoff facetime call
If you hold the phone to a MacBook or iPad while talking to someone on FaceTime, the call can be transferred to the big screen on iOS 16.

All iPhone users will be able to use the fitness app, which means they no longer need an Apple Watch to use the fitness app.

Apple News
Apple News app has added My Sports section which will bring the news of favorite team and player in one place. Besides, scores, schedules, standing and highlights can be seen from the news app.

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Apple is working with car makers on a new carplay experience. This will result in customizable odometer, all facet control of the car and unified interface. The first car with these facilities will be released in 2023.

The Door Detection feature has been introduced in iOS 16 so that people who are blind or visually impaired can see the surrounding area using their iPhone. Apple Watch can be controlled from iPhone via Apple Watch Mirroring.

Quick notes
The iPad’s Quick Notes feature is coming to the iPhone via iOS 16. Quick notes can be created from any screen by swiping to the bottom right corner.

IPhones that will get iOS 16 update
IPhone 7S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE 2018, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus – these devices will not receive the iOS 16 update. Only iPhone 8 or later iPhone models will get the iOS 16 update. Devices released after the iPhone 7 will get the iOS 16 update, but some features like Live Text will only come on the A12 or the new chip-powered iPhone. Due to the limitations of the chipset, it is not possible to provide all the features on all iPhones.

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